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12 Food and Beverage Brands That Have Committed to Sustainability

- By Alessandra Ruggeri
​Food shopping can be overwhelming enough on its own, but trying to consider the environment and sustainability aspects of those…

Green Color Packaging Designs

- By Alessandra Ruggeri
Many of todays packaging’s and innovations aims to be as green and environmentally friendly as possible. You want to make…

100 Years of Oreo Packaging

- By Alessandra Ruggeri
As we all know, packaging is what makes a brand stand out on the shelf, and for the consumer it…

Why Are Special Inks So Important for Packaging?

- By Alessandra Ruggeri
A very common question among our clients is: “Why do we have to use special inks? Why can’t we just print…

15 Cute Animal Print Packaging Designs

- By Alessandra Ruggeri
When thinking of kids and animals, we might immediately connect it to something cute and sweet. The softer approach can…

Tesco replaces 5p carrier bags with ‘Bag for Life’

- By Alessandra Ruggeri
​Tesco has announced that from 28 August single use carrier bags will be replaced by a new ‘Bag for Life’…

Time to Update Your Packaging? Here are 6 signs!

- By Alessandra Ruggeri
When it comes to branding and marketing there are a lot of things you can do before changing the actual…

5 Blog Posts You Might Have Missed Last Month

- By Alessandra Ruggeri
August has come to an end and September is here, so we thought of collecting 5 of our most liked…

Brandless™: Better stuff, fewer dollars.

- By Alessandra Ruggeri
​Based in San Francisco and Minneapolis, Brandless was brought to life in July 2017, when a group of thinkers, eaters,…