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Which are the Benefits of Choosing Jute Bags?

- By Alessandra Ruggeri
​Jute is a vegetable plant whose fibres are dried in long strips, and it’s one of the cheapest natural materials…

Dolores Promesas Case Study

- By Alessandra Ruggeri
​This month’s case study is about Dolores Promesas, the biggest retail brand on the Spanish market. Founded in 2015, the…

The Most Creative Chocolate Packaging Designs

- By Alessandra Ruggeri
​Who doesn’t love chocolate?! Chocolate makes us happy, it’s a fact. Today we collected a beautiful selection of some very…
Dairy Packaging

Four Trends Driving Innovation in Dairy Packaging

- By Alessandra Ruggeri
As millennials are more and more looking for products that are healthy and all-natural, dairy is often positioned as an…

McDonalds Revamps Its Packaging

- By Alessandra Ruggeri
We all recognize the iconic red, yellow and white packaging with the big golden arches. But the fast food giant…

15 Inspirational E-Commerce Packaging Designs

- By Alessandra Ruggeri
The packaging for e-commerce has become more vital then ever before. Now it's the total experience that counts, and everything,…

Did you know that the Future of Packaging is Over 60?

- By Alessandra Ruggeri
This might sound strange to some people, but the future of the packaging and design industry should focus on those…

12 Spanish Products among the World's Most Elite Packaging

- By Alessandra Ruggeri
Great results were achieved by the Spanish packaging sector at the WorldStar Awards, the most important international packaging competition, where…

Why is FSC Paper Good for Your Brand?

- By Alessandra Ruggeri
FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council and it’s a global, non-governmental organization that was established in 1993 by a group…