13 Creative Tote Bag Designs That Will Make You Ditch Your Plastic Bags


When it comes to carrying your life in a bag totes are a definite go-to. Going to get your groceries doesn’t mean you need to use plastic bags. Tote bags are not just better for our environment but they also look super cool.

A promotional tote bag can also increase profit and boost sales revenue. It can create brand and customer loyalty, as well as promote and market a business to a wider audience. Giving away tote bags can reap many benefits to a brand or business. People love to receive promotional items as customer gifts. Who doesn’t want a freebie?

Find here a selection of the coolest cotton and jute bag designs and prints and get inspired! Let’s all ditch plastic bags!

1. This Is Neither Plastic, Nor English.


Concept and design for screen-printed tote bags as promotional gift. German, Mandarin, French. Hand-drawn. By Madeleine Eiche.

2. A Complete Recipe On One Side Of The Bag.


Really lovely illustration style and the hand drawn type is charming! Illustrated by Alessandro Olanow.

3. The 3 year-old Bag.


Cute creative bag. Found on: buyolympia.com

4. The Ironic Answer To The Shirt Themes “I bought This…”


Simple but powerful design by Officine Berlinesi, playing with the word “Schön” which means “Beautiful”, “Nice”.

5. I Remembered My Grocery Bag! Tote Bag.


Commemorate this small personal triumph of remembering your reusable bag with this sturdy canvas tote.

6. Grocery Compromises Tote Bag.


The areas between eating like an athlete or a college kid.

7. Avoid Waste Tote-Bag.


Tote Bag 100% made in Germany. ‘Plastik ist voll 90er’ meaning ‘Plastic is so 90s’.

8. The Perfect Guacamole.


At the grocery store and forgot your guac ingredient list? No problem!

9. A Clear Message.


If you want to address the wrong people with the right bag.

10. Cotton Is So Fabulous As Well.


Funnier than their originals.

11. The Rainforest Tote Bag.


By Buying the “Goodbag” you save a piece of rainforest while shopping.

12. Asos and LGBT+ Charity Collection Tote Bag.


Asos has launched the second collection with its partner LGBT+ Charity Glaad – a media organisation that promotes tolerance – in celebration of Pride 2018.

13. Swedbrand Tote Bag.


And, last but not least, probably the best looking of all, our Swedbrand 2018 tote bag! Which is also completely eco-friendly and commonly worn by our colleagues, clients and friends.