4 Tips to Make Your Parcel Packaging More Eco-Friendly


Nowadays almost every company offers an e-commerce service to their customers, easier and more convenient way to shop. Thus, the use of online retail is increasing more and more, and with that also the waste from millions of parcels delivered every year.

However, this doesn’t have to represent a problem. By reducing the amount of packaging we use, the negative impact it has on the planet can be dramatically reduced as well. Some start-ups such as Lime Loop already took the lead and started developing reusable packaging for e-commerce companies. Their parcels can be reused as many as 2,000 times – with cleaning and repairs along the way – replacing as many boxes or plastic bags. Smart, isn’t it?

This time, we are taking a closer look at how you can make your parcel packaging eco-friendlier.


1. Eco-friendly Packaging

The first step for a cleaner environment is to consider the type of packaging that you are going to put inside the box. Although it only meant to protect the parcel during transport, it can still have a damaging effect on the environment when it reaches its destination.

So, our suggestion is to use biodegradable material and air pockets rather than packing peanuts. These materials can be reused for future parcels, therefore reducing waste as well.


2. Send in Bulk

The second point to think about before sending parcels is the number! By placing the items within a reasonably sized box, it will not only save you money on shipping within the long run, but will also reduce fuel consumption when compared to sending multiple individual packages. By keeping the packaging of the items small, you are allowing more packages to be shipped.


3. Recycle When You Can

Reusing boxes and the inner packaging is a very simple and smart way to make the packaging process more sustainable for the sake of the planet. This will make it eco-friendlier as it will reduce the number of cardboard boxes being used unnecessarily. You can simply reinforce a box with strong packing tape to make it stronger against impacts during transportation.

4. Size of Parcel

Finally, last but not least, when looking to send a parcel, the size of the parcel itself has a large effect on the overall shipping cost and can have a profound effect on the environment. This is because the size of your parcel has the potential to increase the number of trips a courier must make, polluting the environment at the same time. In order to ensure your parcel is as eco-friendly as possible, you can start by restricting your packaging. Whilst you need to ensure that your goods are safely wrapped in bubble wrap or your chosen material, there’s no need to excessively box up your package.


As the need for parcel delivery continues to increase, it is becoming more and more important to consider the effect it is having on the environment. If you start to change the way in which you package your parcels, the packing process has the potential to become much cleaner and reduce the amount of packaging ending up in landfill every year. Remember that a small change can make a big difference!