Elegantly bottled up canal water

Designer Glenn Doherty and copywriter Tom Ormes, working at the creative agency Iris, have came up with an original idea of how to celebrate Amsterdam’s 400 year anniversary of its famous canal in 2013. Sold in a set of 4 bottles, Amsterdam canal aqua is sold for 50 ($70) and is filled with water sourced directly from the city’s waterways. The water was taken from various famous canals — the Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht, Herengracht and Singel; a QR code on the reverse shows the exact location the water was drawn from. Furthermore, each of the limited-edition bottles tells a story about the canal’s history.




The set of four beautifully designed bottles is thought to be kept as a souvenir from Netherland’s capital. The creators wanted it to become an art piece, thus much effort was put into the design and packaging of the glass bottle. Regarding the design process, they looked into incorporating icons from the city, like Amsterdam’s bridges; the label’s final result ended up in keeping the most sober design, as “the simplest was the best”.


Amsterdam aqua


A supplier that could burn the label into the glass bottle made it more tactile and feel more crafted. This set of vintage style souvenir bottles look like a set of luxurious drinking water bottles (until you go more closely and see the sediments of the canal water).




Source: Pop-Up City