Levi’s Green Fashion Vision


According to a recent report, the Fashion and Textile industry emits more greenhouse gas emissions than international shipping and aviation combined. This does not even count the amount of waste the industry generates, as well as the huge quantity of water and resources it takes. Nowadays, consumers are more aware of fashion pollution issues, so it’s probably the right time for fashion brands to reconsider the production process of their clothes.

One of the latest brands to make a sustainable move is Levi’s. The USA-made denim brand, in collaboration with the eco-friendly brand Outerknown, proposed a rework of some iconic Levi’s products. As part of its SS18 output, the 511 jeans, a trucker jacket and a Western shirt have been made using Levi’s trademark Wellthread method, and all are available in four different colourways.


Outerknown‘s innovative green approach can be found not only in the sustainable design ethos,but also all the production process can be considered eco-friendly. The entire collection was indeed produced using water-saving printing pigments, plant based linen, organic cotton, and labels designed for recyclability.

Levi’s designers are constantly looking for new methods to produce the same jeans while cutting back on water, such as reusing water during production or developing new jeans that need less water than regular processes. Also, it’s all fully recyclable!

With prices ranging from $128 USD to $145 USD, you can purchase this entire collection at Outerknown’s online store now.


“We believe that, ultimately, it takes more than one company to make a difference,”said Paul Dillinger, VP and head of global product innovation at Levi’s. “Working together with Outerknown with the goal to move the apparel industry forward is a huge opportunity and step in the right direction for sustainable apparel.”

On Levi’s website, they state: “By 2020, our goal is for 100% of the cotton we use to be responsibly sourced.”, highlighting their purpose to become the world’s most sustainable apparel company by transforming the way they do business.



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