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“This display shines a spotlight on the fantastic work brands are doing to limit their burden on the environment and we’re honoured to be a part of it.” (Matthew Miller, business director at James Cropper 3D Products).

The Museum of Brands, Packaging, and Advertising in London opened a new display, ‘Pack the Future’, focusing on the topic of sustainable packaging. With 8 million tons of plastic dumped into the ocean every year, packaging is at the forefront of the debate surrounding environmental sustainability, as we know the plastic thrown in the nature is actually coming from our daily consumption of single use plastic.


Chris Griffin, CEO of Museum of Brands says: ‘Sustainability is a core subject for today’s society and one the Museum updates on and presents to audiences regularly. This exhibit in partnership with ThePackHub allows us to explore the very latest technological advances in sustainable packaging that are available to consumers with the aim of stimulating further debate on complex questions surrounding sustainability.’ This exhibition is a much-needed primer on what package designers can do to help lessen their environmental footprint.


To increase sustainability, packaging designers should use innovative design and engineering, hence the collaboration with ThePackHub. The goal of the display is to research the latest sustainable packaging on the global market and to show different kinds of solutions that are available to consumers, improving general awareness of the topic.

Chris Griffin believes that the exhibit gives visitors a snapshot of some of the numerous initiatives available out there, some of which may already be known by the average consumer, while others may be less familiar.

This display was also created to make designers understand that consumers expect alternative packaging solutions and that taking risks with design can bring positive results for the environment and the consumer. Even brands can increase their favorability and sales!


The pace of change in sustainable packaging will continue to increase in response to public opinion. The packaging industry will indeed continue to develop sustainable solutions, with the first priority being the protection of the product through distribution to the point of sale and into the consumer’s home.

However, real progress in sustainability will most likely come through changes in consumer behaviour. The consumer has such infinite choice, yet such a limited understanding of the refuse system with little incentive to return, refill or recycle.

Changing consumer behaviour first is essential in order to be able to embrace the green way of life! Let’s start now, together we can!



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