​Consumers Prefer New Experiences Over New Products

In today’s world, it can be a little tricky to find what you are looking for with all the alternatives out there. You might think that you always choose the products you are used to and feel comfortable with, but recent research shows that product packaging plays a bigger role in our decisions than we might think.

According to a global consumer survey from the first quarter of 2016, conducted by Canadean, 60% of today’s consumers prefer new experiences rather than new products.

More and more people are indeed starting to look for products that offer them a little more than just simple functionality. The research also shows that packaging plays a very big part in this, since it both catches the consumer’s attention, and forms the first impression of the product the consumer gets.

The packaging can either help or destroy a product, that’s for sure. But more than just that, it is also important when it comes to the functionality of the consumers experience, and the visibility the product gets. With this in mind, we really believe that innovations in packaging technology and its possibilities will grow in popularity in the coming years.

One of Canadean’s analysts, Veronika Zhupanova, explains that new competitive technologies that offer creative solutions to reach the consumers will become more and more important in time. “Take, for example, Japanese Rescue Rice. It comes in an aluminum can with a plastic lid containing modified and dried Japanese rice filled without oxygen to prevent the rice from oxidation. The product can be cooked in a can in 20 minutes by adding boiled water and, despite its foundation in the emergency market, will also appeal to those looking for novel experiences.”

Even technologies allowing packaging personalization will grow in popularity. The company Medea Vodka, for example, has already come up with an invention for its bottles where you can write a personal message on the sticker. This is obtained thanks to a LED display that is attached to the sticker, that the consumers can program by Bluetooth to show the message they want.

Packaging requiring this level of consumer involvement must ensure the process is uncomplicated. Simple actions such as scanning QR codes or typing messages into an app are key to a product’s success.”, Zhupanova says.

An even funnier solution that has been recently invented allows consumers, with the help of special beer bottles, to take pictures of themselves and their surroundings, and then upload them to their social media accounts. This solution will probably generate a lot of buzz for the company, enhancing their brand image and increasing brand awareness.




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