​Customer Packaging Satisfaction Shown with Infographics

​Customer Packaging Satisfaction Shown with Infographics

This month Swedbrand decided to prepare some infographics explaining the impact of packaging on consumer satisfaction.

As a packaging solutions company, Swedbrand is always looking for new trends in consumer behavior and improvement of its products. According to the
Packaging MattersTM Study held by the MWV Company, packaging can actually drive purchases more than TV ads, online reviews and recommendations from friends. Good packaging affects the purchase intent; the overall product satisfaction and it can trigger a repeated purchase behavior.

The question is whether consumers are satisfied with your packaging solutions? What packaging attributes matter the most to them? According to the study, the average consumer considers a product’s packaging to be almost as important as the brand itself (10 percent versus 12 percent). In some countries consumers think that packaging is even more important than the actual brand. The most important facts and figures about customer packaging satisfaction are presented in the picture below.

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Written by

Liudmila Pape