​Design that builds trust

​Design that builds trust

How can companies visually communicate their brand values and build trust through packaging design? As consumer research suggests, a back-to-basics approach is in vogue now. Customers are looking for a trusted, human connection to the products and tend to be more wary of larger corporate brands.

Today’s successful packaging designs are good at telling an authentic story – visually and verbally. Handmade artisanal looks and minimalist graphics help them to reconnect with the customers. Design that is more moody and less idealized tells a story consumers want to hear — that a product is less processed, purer and more natural, like natural cosmetics or organic food.

The recent trend for rough, hand-drawn lettering goes even further. Rather than settling for the unnatural smoothness of standard fonts, designers imitate the
authenticity of hand-inked lettering.

Another trend,
statement packaging, can address the consumer directly through large typography, simple fonts and straightforward text. Additionally, with the use of twee and colloquial language on the packaging, the brand immediately strikes up a friendly rapport with consumers and communicates innocence, even childishness.

This is how creating “visionary” brands through authenticity and statement packaging can inspire customers’ loyalty. A more welcoming, friendly appearance helps to connect with the potential customer on a personal level and it makes the products stand out on retail shelves.

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Written by

Liudmila Pape