​Fun Packaging for Kids

Fun Packaging for Kids

In the supermarket, children’s foods are cued by their unusual product names and unconventional flavors or colors, cartoon images and direct reference to fun and play on the package.

These products emphasize the food’s play factor, interactivity and general distance from ordinary or “adult” food. Children, in turn, show deep appreciation for the aesthetic, gustatory, tactile and interactive features that these foodstuffs offer.

Little Monsters Baby Food Packaging does a great job of telling a story while being fun for kids. It’s eye catching and stands out on a crowded shelf.

Have a look at Yummy’s IceCream packaging with the smiling faces that interacts with the kids, it turns the package into a funny object and makes kids laugh.

The sandwich company SM Kids designed the entire packaging to be a different cartoon character. For sure kids are the main target of this product.

Another good idea for presenting a snack is BEEHIVE packaging for cookies. The bear appears to be gobbling the food and the colors are fun.

It is noteworthy, though, that marketing for children requires more than just providing a fun and playful item that can catch attention before purchasing. Food packaging design can also stimulate learning during infancy and enhance children’s imagination.

Another great example: Dino Ice gives kids a full experience, starting from opening up the Popsicle over eating it to ultimately getting to play with it. The packaging was inspired by the movie Ice Age – it tells the story with a tiny bit of an education about ice-frozen dinosaurs.

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Written by

Liudmila Pape