​Interesting Facts about Honey

​Interesting Facts about Honey

Did you know that nowadays is the most prevalent period of honey usage, though this product has been used by civilizations for hundreds of years?

There is an evident trend of replacing sugar by honey in baking, sweetening beverages and foods. There are many websites dedicated to providing recipes for this replacement in order to create a slightly healthier alternative for satisfying the sweet tooth. These sites encourage you to use 3/4 cups of honey for every cup of white sugar in order to maintain the same level of sweetness. Furthermore you would have to reduce other liquids in the recipe to maintain the liquid consistency of the final product as honey adds a lot of moisture.

Pure honey has an extended shelf life on its own, so there is no need for packaging regulations such as sterilization. Honey storage might be tricky, though, because even if stored in fairly good conditions honey still can crystallize or turn cloudy over time. It is best to keep honey in a cool and dry area.

Here are some examples of creative honey packaging that attracts attention and can preserve honey from crystallizing at the same time.

Popular design trends used in honey packaging are simplicity, hand-written style and bio-mimicry. Have a look at these special “honey pots”.

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Liudmila Pape