​Packaging Redesign: Substantial Need or Failure?

​Packaging Redesign: Substantial Need or Failure?

One of the biggest challenges for established brands is to keep the balance between coherence and focus as a brand and new opportunities for change, growth and improvement. Packaging redesign can be a risky step. If you do it well, your brand will seem rejuvenated and will have new energy and emphasis, but if you get it wrong, the consequences can be extreme.

You’d better take the perceptions and the feedback of your target audience into account before making any move in this area. Radical changes can result in a disconnection between the product and its consumers. In the following part there are some examples of packaging redesign to look at in order to better understand this process.

The renowned juice brand,
Tropicana, saw its sales drop by 20% after launching its packaging redesign. The brand name text on the new packaging was hard to notice, and the font, instead of being cool and trendy, turned out to be cold and corporate. Consumers had to invest a lot more time and concentration to recognize it and were unlikely to have an immediate connection to the brand. For all these reasons, the brand was forced to bow down to its consumer demands and roll back to its old packaging design.

A similar episode happened to
Cadbury. The famous chocolate company decided to launch a new version of its chocolate bar but most consumers didn’t appreciate the change of the classic rectangular chunks into curved segments. The chocolate bar was made exactly the same way as it had always been, though the difference in its look made people think that it tasted drastically different.

The old shaped Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bar at the top and the new shape at the bottom

Innocent – the ‘super brand’ of fruit smoothies, yoghurts and vegetable pots, with an annual turnover of more than £130m, has enjoyed an incredible success after launching its new packaging. The three main concepts that have been embodied in the renovated bottles were: homemade, natural looking and a bit posh. The typography is less generic which helps to raise impact and to keep the priorities of the communication clear.

Style of all Innocent products is unmistakably recognizable

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Written by

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