​The Nicest Bar Soaps Packaging Designs

The Nicest Bar Soaps Packaging Designs

Bar soaps are used every day, whether we are in the shower, taking a relaxing bath, or just washing our hands, they are always part of our life. But why using a boring one when you can have the most creative packaging designs?

Labels and packaging are extremely important when selling your bar soap. Whether it’s a simple band with a label or a more sophisticated box, this is the first thing your customers will see. And you definitely want to make a great first impression, don’t you?

The colours, the pattern and the material of bar soaps packaging show the inventive idea behind their designs. These creative packaging ideas are surely going to catch your attention thanks to their nice and fresh aspect, as they certainly enhance the value of what they contain. Here is a list of some of our favorite ones! Enjoy!

Jabón Soap Series – packaging by Spanish Raúl Gómez Studio for Enjabonarte company, which is dedicated to natural artisan soaps, salts and more.

Apothecary Soap – packaging designed by Italian The6th Creative Studio. Apothecary is a brand of beauty products that are 100% organic. The packaging has the shape of a small book, with a hard cover and a string to lock it.

Spinster Sisters Co. Soap – packaging by Andrew Cruz. Inspired by vintage soap packaging, a unique, tactile box (deeply letterpress printed) with a handcrafted feel that allows the product to be seen, and the scent experienced.

Menzo Soap – packaging by Taiwanese designer Yu-Heng Lin. It is made of concrete and wood.

Micelle Soap – packaging by Maurizio Pagnozzi, Italian designer based in London.

1st Batch Soap – packaging by Jane Says Design Studio based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Float. Soap – the packaging is made using a single sheet of paper which, folded, creates a box for the bar soap. Instead of having an insert, instructions and information are printed on the inside of the packaging, so that the customer can readily read them after opening, as well as reduce wastage.

The Forest, The Mountain and The Ocean Soaps – packaging by Madeline Claire Thompson for Pristine Soap Co. This entire project, from its ideation to the finished project, took three weeks to complete.

Sustain Soap – packaging designed by Treasure, United Kingdom. The packaging not only stands out on store shelves, but also informs and educates the consumer about endangered species such as tigers, orangutans and even lizards.

The Hudson Made brand is a New York based company. Their philosophy is: “a proposition, not one of revolution, but one of return. A return to a time when craftsmanship and quality were valued above over-consumption and standardization.

The packaging captures the brand’s philosophy of individual craftsmanship over machined quantity through a combination of tactile material choice, print finish, hand-assembly, iconography, typography and language.

Worker’s Soap – packaging by Hovard Design, New York, for the Hudson Made brand.

Beard and Shave – packaging by by Hovard Design, New York, for the Hudson Made brand.

Fancy Black Soap – packaging by by Hovard Design, New York, for the Hudson Made brand.

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