10 Beautiful Rainbow Packaging Designs to Celebrate Equality


Summer is here! And with that sweaty days at the office, enjoying our favorite ice-creams. But it’s not just that. Every year during the hot summer months, people all over the planet celebrate pride to honor the LGBTQ Community. Pride offers us the opportunity to see how far we’ve come, but also to recognize how much more there is to do in order to create equality for everyone.

In 2018 homosexuality is still illegal in over 70 countries. On the other hand, however, we find not only millions of people who believe that love is love, no matter what race, religion or gender, but also companies. These companies have made it clear that taking part in celebrating equality for diversity is what we all need right now!

Here is our selection of 10 ‘rainbowtastic’ packaging designs which left us gagging. Enjoy!

1. Ben & Jerry’s “I Dough I Dough” marriage equality campaign (2015) – Marriage equality has never been that yummy!


2. Absolut Vodka’s “Kiss with Pride” Bottle  Supporting the LGBTQ Community already for more than 35 years


3. McDonald’s limited edition of rainbow fry boxes for Washington-DC Pride (2015) #lovinislovin


4. Snickers cooperation with GayStar News (2017) – “You are not yourself when you are hungry”


5. BurgerKing “The proud whopper” (2014) – What makes the proud burger different from the other burgers? Nothing, because… “We Are All the Same Inside.”


6. Skittles ditched its signature Rainbow for the LGBTQ community (2017) “During Pride, only one rainbow matters,” as the company explains.


7. Doritos partnership with the “It gets better“ project (2015) “First Doritos product in history made up of multiple, rainbow-colored Doritos chips inspired by the Pride flag.”


8. CocaCola’s #SayYesToLove Campaign – With some creativity CocaCola Australia showed: We Say yes to Love! We say yes to Marriage Equality!


9. Coca-Cola Philippines pride themed wristbands – “The labels enable consumers to take part in showcasing Pride on a day when labels do not matter”


10. The Margaret River Chocolate Company’s rainbow pastels – The Australian Chocolatier created this colourful limited packaging in order to show its support for the marriage equality campaign 2017 in Australia.


Across the planet, more and more company and business leaders speak up and show their support for the LGBT Community. The fight against homophobia has now become a “development imperative” and companies have an unprecedented opportunity to leverage their global influence to shape socio-economic progress.