“Minimal” is a term each designer uses on a daily basis. It is characterised by the use of simple or primary forms or structures, especially geometric or massive ones. From artisanal boutique to superstores, the trend for Minimalist Packaging Design continues to pick up pace and has now become a worldwide tendency. This concept has become a trend that is associated with clean, focused, and simplified design. Enjoy a little simplicity with these 10 minimalistic package designs.

Mandarin Natural Chocolate bars by Yuta Takahashi

Yuma Takahashi’s packaging design for Mandarin Natural Chocolate takes Minimalism to the extreme. It features an almost entirely white wrapper, with lettering in a simple black serif font and a line of 10 dots to subtly indicate the chocolate’s intensity.

Organic extra virgin olive oil bottle by Alex Theodorou

By Evolve’s Alex Theodorou designed the company’s organic extra virgin olive oil bottle to be elegantly minimal for one key reason – so it would last. His hope was that consumers would reuse the glass bottle as a pourer even after the initial supply of oil was gone.

Leo Hillinger wine bottle by Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid’s bottle for Austrian winemaker Leo Hillinger has a concave indentation that matches the curve on the back of the bottle. With no traditional label, the bottle’s minimal branding is limited to fine lettering on the neck of the bottle.

Strike Matchboxes by Shane Schneck and Clara von Zweigbergk for Hay

American product designer Shane Schneck and Swedish graphic designer Clara von Zweigbergk disposed of the usual branding on matchboxes to create their packaging for Hay, a Danish furniture company. Instead, the Strike Matchboxes give prime position to the striking surface, which is normally squeezed onto one side of the box.

Just in Case by Menosunocerouno

Mexican branding company Menosunocerouno faces the apocalypse in Minimalist style with this survival kit. Although it is packed full of items – including chocolate and hard liqueur – the design of the kit is simple and consistent, with everything wrapped in yellow and black.

Spectrum CD packaging by Spread

Tokyo design studio Spread used industrial materials to create this minimal CD packaging design for Japanese band Soutaiseiriron and American producer Jeff Mills’ track Spectrum. The light weight and lack of a CD jacket were intended “to convey deep consideration for the musicians’ work and the presence of the object itself.

Juices Packaging by The Juice Cleanse

The Juice Cleanse is The Juice Truck’s latest product. The brand imagery was created to highlight the core ingredients and freshness of the juices with distinct style and colour for promotional and brand material.

Organic Pasta Packaging by Harmonian

The Greek food company Harmonian opted for a design which conveys harmony and balance, as well as mathematical perfection through the spindle shape. Using Lucio Fontana’s famous Tagli (slash) pieces as additional inspiration, they designed simple white surfaces (packages) which are distinguished by the illusion of a cut.

Tea minimalist packaging by Zen Tea

The pastel color palette reflects the peacefulness the designer of Zen Tea wanted to convey. Tea embodies peace and harmony. After removing the minimalist part of the package (a metaphor for peace), we find a clear pattern on the packaging (a metaphor for harmony). The Pattern design consists of a doily, leaves and characteristic elements for each taste of tea.

Lipstick Packaging by Aschen and Voss 

A line of cosmetic packaging designed for Swiss newcomer Aschen and Voss, the packaging and identity seeks to combine the clean pharmaceutical heritage of Switzerland, as well as the formulation of the product, with a modern, cosmetic brand that appeals to the sophisticated urban shopper.


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