10 Cool Careers in The Consumer Packaging Industry

If you are like us, obsessed with packaging in all its different materials and shapes, then we have 10 cool careers for you! Just think about the different types of packaging and labels you can find in stores today, and how they come to be. The different jobs you might be interested in range from picking the right material of the packaging to designing the best eye-catching label. If you still have your doubts, let us inform you that packaging is a 400-billion-dollar industry, with careers suited for the logical, analytic, and creative thinkers.

Here are 10 consumer packaging jobs for you to consider:

1. Packaging Engineer

A packaging engineer has a hand in all parts of the packaging production, from testing everything, to the design, and even to find effective shipment methods. You will love this job if you excel in math, chemistry and technology among other things. And you should also have an eye for design and industry trends.

2. Package Designer

All of the big companies, from Microsoft to Apple, rely on a packaging designer. You will be in charge of designing the aesthetic of the packaging, like colors, graphics and fonts. Preferably, you might need to have a background as industrial designer and will work closely with the copywriters, engineers and the marketing experts to find the best way for your packaging to catch the consumers’ eyes.

3. Consumer Behavior Analyst

For a person that prefers to be behind the scenes this is a great job. You will study the market trends using focus groups, surveys, studies and other forms of research. All of which show the impact a certain logo might have, or if the color of the font helps consumers recognize and choose your product.

4. Packaging Specialist

If you know pretty much everything there is to know about packaging, then this is the job for you. Answering questions about packaging glue or even how to increase sales is something you need to do in this job. You can work either as a consultant or in-house, but you should always be the expert of the materials, adhesives, labels and packaging technologies.

5. Packaging Operator

This job is for someone who is interested in how the packaging is made rather then how it looks. Developing the packaging production systems or testing the machinery is part of the tasks.

6. Product Tester

All packaging needs to be tested to ensure that it’s high-quality and can hold the intended product. In this job, for example, you might need to test the packaging adhesive and decide whether it will be able to hold in a refrigerated environment or not. In other words, you will determine if the packaging as a whole is suited to keep the product.

7. Food Scientist

In this job you will be essential for the consumer packaging. You will have to evaluate and determine how the food interacts with its packaging and how it might affect the flavor and shelf life of the product. Is a glass bottle better than an aluminum can? You will be the judge.

8. Assembly Line Worker

The packaging industry wouldn’t work without this job, and it’s perfect if you want a stepping stone in your packaging career. Your main focus will be to ensure that all the packaging in the line is accounted for.

9. Compliance Manager

This job will suit you if you like legal research and can digest a complex jargon. You might, for instance, be given certain warning labels that you’ll have to outline and pass on to the marketing and design departments to incorporate in the design of the packaging. Your focus will be to ensure that the brand follows the regulations and laws, but also a code of ethics.

10. Packaging Buyer

In this role you will be in charge of ensuring that all of the packaging specifications, such as labels and materials, are of adequate quality and kept within the budget of the company. You will also be in charge of the quotes and be able to choose one supplier over the other.

So, after telling you about these 10 cool careers in the packaging industry, we really hope you’ll find the right one for you. Which one you find most interesting? Share it with us!



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