10 Creative Take Away Packaging Designs to Enjoy your Meal!

Take Away_collage

Every day, you are ordering food at your favorite restaurant or your latte macchiato at the latest trendy place without even paying attention to your cup. What if you could be amazed by smart creative packaging while drinking your morning coffee? Definitely helping to start your day off right!

Besides that, take away has become so common today that brands need to re-think their packaging to stand out from the crowd. It is indeed a great marketing tool for food and beverage companies. At least, for those that take their time to develop creative and recognizable designs for their packaging.

Nevertheless, take away packaging firstly needs to be functional: keep your food hot or fresh, and prevent you from spilling your drink everywhere. But that shouldn’t limit your creativity!

Here are 10 funny food packaging designs that makes it easy to take away any food from your favorite restaurant. Enjoy!

1. WR/BR by Viktoria Mannsberger (Austria)


2. The All-in-one’s Basil Leaf Café, designed by Samantha Levine (USA)


3. Sandwich or Salad by MASIF agency (Colombia)


4. Munkar by Emelie Johannesson & Oliver Sjöqvist (Sweden)


5. Pablo & Rusty’s Coffee roaster by Manual agency (USA)


6. Provo by Elyse Taylor (USA)


7. Maki-San by Kinetic Singapore agency (Malaysia)


8. Kino by Gustav Karlsson (Sweden)


9. Zizzi Pizza by Pearlfisher (UK)


10. SHUCO by Ana Gabriela Castañeda Solano (Guatemala)