10 Worst Packaging Fails

We have all seen packaging where the colours don’t quite match or the chosen artwork is not of the best resolution. Thankfully, not many of us had to experience horrendous packaging fails like the ones we are about to present. From labelling to designing the packages, these companies just took a hilariously wrong turn. From completely inappropriate slogans to just simply the wrong packaging, some people have seen it all and were nice enough to share.

1. Mighty Dog

This is a good feature of rather humorous mislabelling, as it clearly depicts – no dog.

2. Weird Onions

These onions look suspiciously like corn. But hey, the label says onions and we bet the retailer knows its own produce.

3. M-Ice?

This does not look like ice nor do we think it to weigh 3,6 kilograms. Seems like mislabelling corn in any form is a hazard.

4. Santa?

Looks like there was some leftover chocolate form Easter. Let’s just hope that this false packaging didn’t scare any kids.

5. Strawberries in Disguise

We are quite certain that this picture does not in fact feature strawberries. Or at least the strawberries resemble grapes a lot.

6. Soup for Sluts

This translation error that made it onto the packaging of this ramen noodle soup is in-itself rather hilarious. We should question the English skills of the editing department however, as we cannot quite picture this being the true name of the food item.

7. Tastes like Grandma?

We hope that this is a reference to grandma’s cooking skills and not to how the statement might be interpreted.

8. Unfortunate Cut-out

This cut-out makes the male model have a rather unfortunate feminine demeanour. This does not however take away from, the assumingly unintended humorous aspect of the packaging.

9. Job Well Done!

This is by far the most hilarious way that the packaging of this fortune-cookie could have failed. Not only did the little paper not make it inside the cookie, but the message also adds to the ironic nature of the overall situation.

10. Translation Mistake

For this last one, it is obvious that it is a translation mix-up. Although this does not make it less funny or disturbing in the sense that someone actually approved to produce the label to put on this food item. We assure you that it isn’t what it claims to be.

In conclusion, even large corporations and producers of food items can make silly and hilarious typos and packaging mistakes. So, next time, when something similar happens to you, don’t feel too embarrassed about it, as it happens even in established businesses. Nevertheless, in order to prevent this, you might want to produce your next packaging in collaboration with Swedbrand. Just saying’..