13 Creative Watch Packaging Designs

A watch is always a good gift, either it’s for your parents or for a friend. But the packaging it comes with might actually make a bigger difference than we think. Opening a package isn’t only about what’s inside, it’s also the entire experience. Most people only buy a new watch every few years, so it is extremely important to make a positive impact on them.

Here we decided to step away from the traditional watch packaging designs you might find everywhere and instead we listed a few more creative ones. We are sure these creative watch packaging designs will make even the most unimpressed person lift their brows in awe. Enjoy!

1. Colored Silicon Watches by Thirsty Watch

2. Creative and unique wooden gift box for watches

3. Fun packaging by O Clock

4. Messex Watch student project Designed by Lim ChengHui LIM, BeeChean YONG and YenQi CHIA

5. Creative Durr watch packaging by Skrekstore

6. Unique watch packaging by Nixon

7. Orpheus Luxury Watches by Tiberiu Sirbu

8. New Australian watch brand Stock, for a more traditional look

9. Amazing design for the year of the dragon by Swatch

10. Festina‘s impressive water watch packaging

11. Schmutz Watches to inspire your creative side

12. HOOT watches designed by Greg Coulton 

13. Eye-catching watch packaging for Cookoo watch team designed by ConnecteDevice 

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