13 Spooky Halloween Treat Packaging Designs

Autumn is finally here and winter is slowly coming closer. This also means that the most commercial holiday of all, commonly known as Halloween, or “All Hallows Eve” is around the corner. Last year we mentioned that this holiday has its roots in the ancient Celtic Festival of Samhain. But whether you are traditional, superstitious or just happy to dress up, this is a perfect time for treats.

Last year we gathered some really scary Halloween packaging designs (you can find them here), and this year we decided to focus more on the treat packaging ones. Because what is a holiday without a lot of sweets and treats?!

Are you ready for some trick or treat?

1. Spooky apple sauce treats


2. Scary misfortune cookies


3. Watch your fingers for these ones!


4. Bat-packs filled with treats


5. Scary packaging designs for the younger trick-or-treaters


6. A box filled with treats, or tricks?!


7. Spooky ghost boxes

8. Flying ghost packaging designs


9. RIP to this scary candy packaging


10. Mummified chocolate bars


11. Bat boxes, perfect for your treats

12. Deadly-licious chocolates in a deadly box

13. Vampire Vitamins




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