14 Refreshing Face Mask Packaging Designs


If you are in the business of cosmetics, one of the first things that should be given emphasis is the right packaging. When thinking of face mask packaging, one of the most important things is the materials used. It is important for the chosen material to be not only attractive, but to be durable and functional as well.

A metallic paper can be good, which is sure to grab attention as soon as someone sees the packaging. A textured art paper is also an excellent choice to give the packaging a unique feel and look. With attractive and functional facial mask packaging, you will be able to enjoy a number of benefits, including having an effective means of marketing your brand.

Face mask packaging can also be an opportunity for you to create a brand personality. More than just for marketing and branding, packaging can also help in the protection and preservation of the product, making sure that it is in perfect condition when received by the buyer or user. With carefully-thought packaging, the face masks will not be contaminated and can deliver anticipated outcomes from its use.

Here we have collected for you 14 refreshing face mask packaging designs that will make you buy them just because of their eye-catching design!

1. Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask Sheet – South Korea

face mask1

2. Herbivore Botanicals Skin Care- United States

face mask2

3. Ayelet Naturals Face Mask – United States

face mask3

4. Sephora Collection Sleeping Mask – France

face mask4

5. Mission Grove Face Mask – United States

face mask5

6. Artifact Masque Face Mask – Canada

face mask6

7. Peach Slices Sheet Masks – South Korea

face mask7

8. Apivita Moisturizing Face Mask – Greece
face mask8

9. The Body Shop’s New Expert Facial Masks – United Kingdom

face mask910. CVS Facial Masks – United States

face mask10 

11. O’Care Face Masks and Skincare Products – Russia face mask11

12. GOODAL Black Charcoal Mask – South Korea

face mask12

13. Steady MaskPack, MYKC Studio – South Korea

face mask13

14. Rael Beauty Face Mask Sheets – United States

face mask14