15 Cool Uses of Script Font on Packaging

The use of script font is usually associated with older and dated items. Back in the days, script fonts were used on basically anything. You could find them in books as well as on signs and packaging. Nowadays however, the use of script fonts has increasingly faded away. Nevertheless, there are a growing number of companies that in a way are rediscovering the appeal that script fonts can bring to improve packaging. That’s why we decided to feature 15 of the more appealing uses of script fonts on modern packaging solutions for a variety of products.

1. BV Rarity Wine

This is a good example in which a script font is used to lend a more exclusive appeal to a more exclusive product. It provides a certain luxury appeal to the bottle and portrays the value of its contents optimally.

2. Twin Peaks Brewing

Contrarily to the previous product, the use of script font on this beer can line is not to portray the luxury aspect of the good. This is used, in addition to the pin-up girls, to make the cans look dated while knowing that it is a modern product. It provides character to the beverage and appeals to the nostalgia in all of us.

3. Sencha Tea Company – Holiday Teas

As depicted above, Sencha Tea already gets you in a festive mood without even tasting their product. The use of script here is optimal to portray the elegance as well as the dreaminess of this special holiday season.

4. Latteria Cheese

Sometimes we want our products to be old fashioned. This of course in the nostalgic sense of the word, in terms of having no additives nor preservatives. Like with cheese for example, we just want cheese, nothing more and nothing less. This is ideally conveyed through this packaging.

5. Sweet Holiday Sin – Chocolates

Sins can also be elegant. This is shown by the Polkadot’s Sweet Holiday Sin Chocolate line. The use of the elegant script font makes the entirety of the act of consuming the “sin” seem less bad.

6. Marcela’s Tortilla Chips

This cutely designed tortilla chips packaging presents the wholesomeness of the chips. They convey that these chips are closer to their artisan origins as their industrialised counterparts. The message is underlined by the use of a suiting font that stands out from the rest of the packaging design without disturbing the overall fit.

7. Friends of Friends Wine

In vino veritas. In wine, there lies truth. Even the old romans knew, that no matter if friend or foe, a good wine will tend to make you honest. This elegant phrasing is reflected upon by the friends of friends’ line and the calligraphic font employed.

8. Fasta Barista

Fasta Barista; a stylish way to boldly write your coffee-shop’s name. Although we have to admit that we don’t quite know what the Cyrillic says, we do tend to approve this cool packaging design to keep your favourite beverage warm.

9. Freaky Veggie Chips

Freaky Veggie Chips with a freakishly good looking use of script. It provides the organic feel that these organic products ought to have. The font used optimally expressed what the product is supposed to be. Just fired vegetable chips with a tad bit of salt and spices. Real old-school, just as the font is.

10. Pollen – Vegan Chocolate

The rise of veganism has taken on the chocolate product range. This arguable new trend is being conveyed to every generation through an elegant looking packaging, brought about through a font that melts in with the rest of the shown artwork.

11. Cooperstown Classic American Whiskey

Old-school American Whiskey need an old-school label. The label truly shows the character of the spirit. From the colours, reflecting the almost golden tone of the liquid and contrasting the indigo background of the label. The old-fashioned character is revealed through the adequate script font retained.

12. Luca & Linus Olive Oil

Sleek and elegant. This is exactly what premium virgin olive oil is. Simple and elegant in taste yet having a certain complexity. Just like the script on the packaging of the Luca & Linus Olive Oil produce.

13. Chernygovske

This American-style cider is brewed in Ukraine and the taste reflects on the character of its origin. The style is also portrayed on the label as it emphasises the true nature of the refreshing drink.

14. Skoff Pies

Skoff pies use the script font brilliantly. We have to give a special shout-out to the bite-marks at the top of the letter S, implying the undoubtable deliciousness of their pies.

15. Melatta spread

Poppy, tasty and classy. With the Melatta spread you basically get what you buy. A wholesome tasty interior displayed through a simple font, as the product literally presents itself.