15 Creative Candy and Sweet Packaging Designs

Eye-catching, colourful and pretty looking candies always sell the most, as they attract their customers which are usually kids. Another thing that plays a huge role in the success of any candy brand is its branding – the more attractive and intelligently designed is the packaging, the more it will attract customers and sell! Candy’s packaging should be so pretty, vibrant and appealing that customers should remember the brand for its packaging!

Here, we listed some really cool candy and sweet packaging designs for inspiration, as these talented packaging designers have done an outstanding job in creating these amazing designs. Check out this list of 15 packaging designs and get inspired!

1. M&M’s Candy Surprise Packaging by Alyssa Phillips

2. Candy “Circus” Packaging by Anna Pavlova

3. Vintage Candy Tins by Leone and Amarillo

4. Garrett Popcorn Shops Cones (Student Project) by Jennifer Mulvihill

5. Adorable Sabadi Candy Packaging by Happy Centro

6. Pinklicious Candy Packaging by Grenna Polkagriskokeri

7. The Candy Company Sweets Packaging by Sarah Dornieden

8. Cutest Fruit Bugs Sweets by Kaito Watanabe

9. Red Ruster Candy on a Stick by Anna Shkarina

10. Mixville Macarons Packaging Design by Galya Akhmetzyanova & Paula Chuykina

11. Clever Tongue Bongue Inspired Concept by Victoria Ax

12. M&M’s Take Away Packaging by Christina Bull

13. Iloa Candy Packaging by Inés Ortega San Miguel

14. Skinner’s Jelly and Nuts Packaging by Cindy Shim

15. Petits Plaisirs Chocolates by Loco Studio