15 Cute Animal Print Packaging Designs

When thinking of kids and animals, we might immediately connect it to something cute and sweet. The softer approach can also be good to stand out on the market and connect with the consumers. We have previously written about this subject as The Cutest Pet product packaging’s and also as Polar Bear themed ones.

But who can resist these adorable packaging’s? Not us at least. So here come 15 more cute Animal Print Packaging designs for you to rest you eyes on!

1.Playful bags for kids, designed by Wee Society

2.Beautiful and creative envelopes with giraffe motive

3.An eco-friendly approach to pet food packaging by Heather Raines Jacksonville

4.Great eye popping soap designs

5.Sassafras Baking Kits

6.MAMUT packaging design by Packaging Diva PD

7.The Flat Case O-Nigiri, an adorable animal shaped box

8.Paperclips with animal design by Midori

9.Filter Cafe coffee by Giselle Ng Shi Rui

10.Coffee From The Wild

11.Fortune Cookie Packaging

12.Dolce & Gabbana Animalier Collection

13.Indian Wine Label by Himanshi Shah

14.WILD Artisan Chocolate by Shelby O. Design

15.Japanese designer Ishikawa Ryuta produced this incredibly adorable and heart tugging package design for rice wholesaler Shirokuma



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