15 Unnecessary Packaging That Will Leave You Speechless!

useless packaging

As consumers become increasingly conscious of wasteful packaging and redundant shipping solutions, there are still some companies that don’t seem to get the hint. Luckily there are some peers that cannot keep quiet. Which allows others to reflect meaningfully, and admittedly rather humorously on packaging fails.

This might sound a bit blunt, however the following unnecessary packaging options just took it over the top, there is no other label to put on it than a fail. Starting with fruit items. Although most would consider fruit to have naturally evolved to be fitted with the optimal form of packaging, there appear to be some corporation that heavily disagree with nature, which leaves consumers with an expression of shock and humour on their face.

1. Bananas


So you thought Bananas came in a handy and environmentally-friendly wrapping? This company bids you to think again.

2. Coconuts


Most people struggle with opening a coconut due to the hard and protective shell. Let’s wrap them in plastic to protect them!

3. Oranges


Once again, this company attempts to beat nature at its own game, which fails rather humorously, I mean why would you remove the packaging to add plastic?

After the fruit items that are just redundantly wrapped, other alimentary items won’t be spared of a similar shameful treatment.

4. Gum


Who ever thought a simple gum packaging would be enough? This reseller sure didn’t; better to protect the sensitive plastic packaging with additional plastic wrap…

5. Canned food


We are all aware about the sensitive nature of seafood. However, I bid to argue that tin cans don’t need a special treatment, nor extra protective measures. This reseller begged to differ.

6. M&M’s


For those M&M’s cravers among us that just must ensure that one’s favourite candy stays undamaged until the consumption, in which one usually crushes it anyways…

7. Parmesan


Naturally, one cannot simply sell cheese without any wrapping. This would not be satisfying for the reseller nor the consumer. Let alone the stench emerging from unpackaged cheese could be nauseating to say the least. But this does seem rather over the top…

8. Jelly Beans


Everyone is a sweet-tooth in a way or another. We indulge in the occasional Jelly bean rush, however, who could handle these individual wrappers… Let alone the amount of waste you will be left with.

9. Cans of Coke


Yes, you have read correctly. This reseller actually managed to individually wrap cans of the popular drink. No not in packs of 6 or cartons of 24, individually…

However, if you think that this wasteful behaviour is limited to food items, you are mistaken. The following examples will make you question the actual sanity of the producer in question, or if they just had to waste some funds before taxes.

10. Knife


Better to use some protective packaging so that the consumer cannot hurt themselves when picking out the items, but this one does seem to be kind of overboard. Aside would these items not be acquired for the most part by adults and not the more care-free children? This reseller thought it would be better to be safe than sorry.

11. Pill


We would argue that this pill against allergies might actually cause the consumer to become more allergic – to unnecessary packaging.

12. Bubble-wrap


As far as we were aware, bubble wrap is the protective wrapping… There is arguably no need for additional plastic air cushions.

13. Electronics component


This reseller managed to find a way to have a maximum amount of wasteful packaging when delivering a micro-component. Well done!

14. No Disk needed


Truthfully, we don’t even know what to say about this one, because any assumption would inevitably lead to more questions. What was this company thinking? Let alone the immense waste of money and resources. Admittedly it is rather humorous but why would one review this, produce it and then sell it?

15. Hand-lotion


When the consumer asked for a soothing and protective hand-lotion, we are quite certain that they did not have this level of protection in mind.

In conclusion, our natural reaction to these rather silly attempts is mostly accompanied by humorous undertones. In all seriousness, we must change our thinking and no longer support these types of packaging options as we not only waste resources but also damage the environment without second thought.