15 Unusual Dairy Product Packaging Designs


Today, the dairy product market segment is characterized by a variety of packaging designs and materials, which lead customers to having to spend more time near shelves, looking closely and choosing the best buy. Products of this category can be packed in paper, cardboard, aluminum foil, laminated film, plastic, glass and tin containers.

Producers want to offer their customers products of really high-quality, yet as user-friendly as possible, and it is possible to do so with the right knowledge about the best packing materials and shapes that should be used for each group, whether it is cheese, yogurt, milk, or ice-cream.

As for the design of the packaging of dairy products, there are no specific requirements in regulatory documents. Nevertheless, the established motifs associated with the design of containers of this category of products are still distinguishable: as a rule, these are green meadows, spotted cows, predominantly white background of the package, and so on. But some manufacturers approach this matter in a more creative way, offering their potential consumers very unusual design solutions.

Below are 15 of the most interesting packaging designs that have caught our attention. Get inspired!

1. Consumer-friendly milk packaging design highlighting the “Most Important Date” by Victor Nikishov – Russia


2. Reinvention of the classical image of dairy packaging with unique design and bio-degradable materials, by CreativeByDefinition – Romania


3. Clean and convenient design of cheese packaging by Roydon Misseldine – New Zealand


4. Innovative packaging design for “yogurt to go” that includes a functional spoon by Chenchen Hu – USA  


5. Simple but cute and appealing yogurt packaging design for Moogurt by Kathy Siu – Canada


6. PANON Dairy Designed by Peter Gregson Studio – Serbia


7. Swissland Cheese Co., Packaging Concept by Kelly Werner – USA


8. Unconventional cheese package design by Xiao Han – USA


9. Really cute packaging design concept for milk for Calf Ralf by Katya Oposhnyanskaya Kiev – Ukraine


10.  Milk Mock-up by Yogurt86 Design Studio, curated by Packaging Diva PD. – United Kingdom


11.  Schroeder milk packaging design designed by Capsule – USA


12. FARM chocolate milk packaging design by Carlos Teles – Brazil


13. Milk packaging design by Alvaro Rubio – Spain


14. Shorf cheese packaging, designed by Istratova Alexandra – Russia


15. Karound Yogurt Packaging Design by Christina Jirachachavalwong – USA