18 Cheeky and Clever Packaging Designs

A-dam underwear

Packaging comes in every shape, size, material and color – for every type of product imaginable. It’s the first impression we get about a product, but also represents the entire brand.

Awesome, trendy, and creative packaging is what really seals the deal. In fact, how a box looks on a shelf or how a container feels in our hands can easily be the number one factor in our decision to purchase a product.

But how do brands present themselves? How do they differentiate their products and stand out from the competitors? Superior performance alone is most of the time not enough, as the products need to be chosen before they can “prove” their worth.

In this sense, some producers opted for rather cheeky packaging solutions to draw in customers. This way, they position themselves and their products in a way which allows them to actually be picked and consumed. Here we have collected 20 cheeky and clever packaging solutions that brands opted for. Get inspired and surprised!



1. Just Laid Eggs

This poultry farm has an immensely effective way of showcasing the freshness of their products. They literally portray a hen which is “producing” your egg by cheekily utilising the closing mechanism of regular egg-cartons and hence turning it into somewhat of a sensational buy

2. Take-away PackagingPicture3

Although one might expect a similar phrase in the form of a pick-up line rather than from take-away packaging, this does allude to the actual function rather fittingly.





3. Rxbar

In a world where consumers feel increasingly worried about the actual composition of their food, the following seems like a rather blunt, straightforward and cheeky way to assure your clients that they get what they pay for. No B.S.






Picture54. Pinky’s Sausages

This rather innovative way of presenting meat-products does tend to make the consumer smile and gets potential clients’ attention. However, if the client will find the packaging more tasteful is up for debate.


5.  Rudy & Bill

This beer brand tries to set themselves aside from the competition through a rather clever packaging combination. There is an artistic logo printed on the bottle itself, which is then in turn completed through a print on the outer packaging. The cheekiest part is that if you take the bottle out of the packaging sleeve, you end up “undressing” the depicted logo.


Picture76. Clever Coffee

Ever encountered a similar problem? You order a coffee to go and enjoy your coffee with sugar & milk, however there is no space in the coffee shop for you to mix the drink to your liking.

You cannot really put it in your pockets as there is a risk of spillage and juggling the milk as well as sugar with your phone and the coffee in your hands is rarely a good idea. That is where this packaging design steps up to save your day, as the cup is fitted with a space to hold your milk and sugar.

7. Teapee Picture8_Fotor

Teapee, this adorable play on words does not only make you smirk when you hear it, but the crafty and well-thought out design looks extremely appealing.




8. Cheeky wine design Picture9

How to properly display the origin of wines? Just a map is plain and boring. A flag seems too simple and how would one distinguish between different regions of the same wine-producing country?

This wine distributor found an optimal solution, utilising basic items to convey the story as well as the character of the wine. By essentially carving the cork in a way that represents the wine, an artistic and cheeky packaging, or in this case labelling solution, is reached, which ultimately suits the wine perfectly.

9. Pretty things insidePicture11

If you are convinced of your own product, why not showcase this fact, even if it is packaged and shipped in a boring cardboard box? This “Pretty Things Inside” tape allows for just that, so that the pretty things you send get handled with the adequate due diligence





10. Honest Chocolate

This is by far the most honest chocolate bar, and portrays the relation most people have with a bar of chocolate. It depicts the little lies we tell ourselves while we think of stopping eating but only realise this feat after the entire bar has disappeared.


Picture1311. Innovative Sandwich Packaging

Sometimes, especially when there is a busy day at work, we can’t afford to have the most balanced lunch. This cheeky sandwich packaging at least provides the impression, when unfolded, of eating an entire meal at a table.



12. Lid – Top; Base – Shock

This brand of confectionaries sure manages to catch the consumer’s eye. It starts with a rather fitting depiction of a figure and when your eyes stroll down alongside the box, it almost seems as the lid and base have been mixed up in the production process. We can however ensure you that it is meant to be like this.


Picture1513. Blunt & Honest Coffee

This blunt and honest packaging conveys the message that you don’t need to make their product sound fancy. Just state what it is, as the product itself will have enough weight to convince to consumer to return.



Picture1614. Simple.

Sometimes simple is the way to go. If your products simply consist of 2 ingredients, it is most fitting aside from being highly cost-effective, to opt for a straightforward label. Like the example provided, you cut the shape of the ingredients out and voilà!


15. Molotov Drink

These stylish bottles look like a preparation for a riot, but we can assure you, it is merely a well-designed bottle for a drink. This packaging is sure to catch your eye when shopping for an alternative beverage.


16. Cider

This crafty and ingenious design lets the heart of graphic designers beat faster. It is not only convincing through its simplicity but also its effectiveness, as we still register the product as well as the winking smiley-face.


17. Beer Bottle Can?

Bottled beer or canned beer? This is a question that some of us are more or less frequently faced with. This cheeky design lets you have the best of both worlds. 


18. Getting Baked in SF

I got baked in San Francisco… Although most would think of something different, especially after the legalisation laws were passed in California as well as other states, this bakery utilises the play on words most effectively. It makes us smile and, quite frankly, a bit hungry.