20 Inspirational Shoe Packaging Designs

From sneakers to high heels, the shoes we wear often reflect our style and personality. Just like our clothes help us express ourselves and our mood, some more comfortable and some others more creative, our shoes are one of those attributes. And, of course, its packaging is as important.

Below we have found 20 creative and inspirational shoe packaging designs where the packaging has gone beyond the normal brown shoe box. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

1. Wonderful packaging design by Roger Wang


2. The PureProject for Brooks Running made from bamboo

3. Creative and stylish shoe packaging design by Mat Bogus

4. Fantastic Adidas packaging design with a bit of edge

5. Beautiful and more classic packaging for Magrit

6. Nike Football Untouchable Packaging by Hovercraft Studio

7. One Percent creative packaging by Ryan Romanes designer

8. FUTBOX shoe box design

9. Both shoes and packaging are amazingly colorful and fun for Nike

10. A more environmental shoe packaging concept, designed by Jiani Lu

11. Creative design concept by Prompt Design, made for Adda Footwear

12. Nike Air packaging design, with literal air! Funny and creative if you ask us!

13. Tricks collection for Puma with a real colour pop of packaging

14. Cat boots packaging in a simple and easy design

15. A multifunctional shoe packaging box designed by Sara Palén

16. A different but cool shoe packaging esigned by Matadog Design

17. Beautiful packaging design by Folk Fibers


18. Cool silver shoe box packaging design

19. Simple and different way of shoe packaging

20. Pure shoes made from leather and rubber, by jean Nouvel. In a creative packaging!



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