5 E-Commerce Trends for 2018


Everyone knows that e-commerce is playing a big role these days, but it’s still getting bigger. In Europe alone the e-commerce turnover was 530 Billion Euro for 2017, and the European e-commerce B2C turnover is forecasted to reach over 600 Billion Euro. That’s a growth of nearly 14%. With that growth, also the packaging is getting more important than ever. We found five trends for e-commerce to watch in 2018.


1.Personalized Packaging

Good packaging will certainly raise the customer’s satisfaction, enhance the buying experience and close the gap between traditional shopping and online shopping. Personalized Packaging will turn good packaging to great packaging! Packaging slips, invoices and receipts can be auto generated with customer personalization to build a relationship between consumer and producer. Thanks to personalization software in the last couple years, it’s affordable for businesses of all types.


2.Frustration free Packaging

We’ve all had the experience of struggling to open a package. By 2018, this should be history. Unlike traditional packaging, frustration free packaging is designed for e-commerce shopping. It should be easy to open, recyclable and protective. It makes the experience of online shopping much better, helps the environment and consumers are more likely to order again!


3.Sustainable Packaging

As environmental concerns grow, people care more about the impact of producing, packaging and distributing products. E-commerce companies put more effort in “going green”. Better design, innovative and less materials will be used in e-commerce in 2018.


4.Unique design features 

For consumers, a unique packaging design can really improve the brand image and make an impact. The uniqueness itself can be decorative or just a smarter type of delivering the package. Adding a unique twist to the packaging will make it more memorable and also make the consumer more aware of the packaging’s importance and lifespan. Absolut Vodka previously teamed up with an app maker that created content for the consumers, simply by distribution drink recipes to consumer’s smartphones. A small but memorable feature.


5.Clean Label 2.0

With today’s information flow the consumers are more informed than ever, so for brands to not overwhelm their consumers the key is to remove unwanted information. The essential design principle is very simple, what does the consumer need to know and how can the information influence the purchasing decision. By cleaning your label, you will give the consumer a moment of clarity in an otherwise hectic shopping experience.

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