3 Killer Ways to Make Your Product Stand Out

One of packaging’s essential roles is to capture the interest of the buyer, especially if it’s premium products we are dealing with. The medium instantly conveys why your product is worth buying when compared to the competition, and in order to achieve this result, the details are extremely important. We collected here three key factors that make your product stand out in a crowd of competitors.

1. Use the fabric of the moment

Changing colors and playing with the design of your packaging is the easiest way of attracting your buyers’ attention. However, standing out requires much more effort. Selecting unconventional materials for your packaging is one of the more innovative methods of creating a positive contrast between your product and that of the competition.

Unique materials not only stand out on store shelves, they also give the buyer a specific tactile experience that can become synonymous with your product. Uniqueness confers value, creating a luxury feel to accompany the look, showing that your product is the superior choice.

Using biodegradable materials, for instance, can be a selling point to growing green consumer and communicate some of your key values to your customer.

2. Be creative!

Good design should absolutely embody the creative personality of the brand, transmitting your standards, values and aspirations. Often, however, it’s the small touches that make the difference rather than the bold statements.

Take the Nike Stadium Shoebox for instance. It’s not only about standing out on the shelf. When the customer opens the box they are greeted with a miniature version of a football stadium, immediately connecting with the universal dream of becoming a sports star. This obvious suggestion from the packaging promotes a feeling of individual success before the shoe is even on the foot. Additionally, the quality and imagination behind it convey the idea of intelligent design.

Thelma’s Treats, a well-known US-based cookie brand, uses packaging that cleverly mimics an oven. This playful approach makes these cookies seem a little more out of the ordinary, but also inspires the buyer to imagine the fresh feeling of food straight out of the oven – something synonymous with taste and quality. The box can equally function as an ambassador for the brand on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

3. Keep it simple

Packaging should not be too complicated. The key to making your packaging the inevitable buy is simplicity. If the consumer can’t discern your message in a split second, then your moment to “wow” them is gone. Don’t think that standing out is all about making the loudest noise with the brightest packaging.

One quality example of ‘less is more’ is the UrbanEars headphone packaging. The simplicity of the headphone design is reflected and communicated by similar aspects in the packaging. The character of the brand and its values are communicated in an almost unconscious fashion without relying on words or images. Echoed through the design are elements that some buyers may associate with the famous Apple brand, creating a subconscious connection with quality in their mind.

Creating interest and winning the attention of your audience is an art form that mainly relies on understanding the landscape and trends of your industry. To get the ultimate result and have the premium product that sits at the top of the ladder, you have to be prepared to take risks.