5 Blog Posts You Might Have Missed Last Month


April is around the corner, and so also Easter and spring. The past month has involved topics about environment, new materials, recycling and of course one of our case studies. Here we have gathered 5 of them that you just can´t miss. Check them out below!


The UK Could Adopt the Scandinavian Plastic Recycling System

Norway recycles 97% of plastic bottles, double what the UK currently manages to recycle. And the problem has become worse since the beginning of the year after China stopped accepting foreign waste. As a solution to the problem, The UK looks likely to adopt a Norwegian deposit-based system that refunds consumers who recycle their plastic bottles. A delegation of British ministers has recently visited the country, and we look forward to see when the change comes.

If you want to find out more, you can read the full article here.


The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Shipping for Your E-commerce Business

Many companies have jumped on the eco-friendly bandwagon, doing their best to be as “green” as humanly possible. The bottom line is that sustainable packaging really improves your brand image. We have looked over several ways for companies to “go green” and improve their brand image.

To learn more about these tips and find out how you can make a change, you can read the full blog post here!


How Photography Can Change the Face of Packaging

First impressions are essential, especially when you only have about seven seconds before a decision is made. For brands, it’s the amount of time they have to make a positive impression on a potential buyer. And a key ingredient to make the positive impression is photography.

Photography is changing the face of packaging in several ways, and we can tell you how.

To find out more, here is the article!


Jollydays Case Study

This month’s case study is about Jollydays, the Austrian leader in the experience gift market.

The company provides its clients with unique experiences, offering them incredible choices from skydiving or driving sports cars, to romantic candle light dinners and fun group activities. We first met Jollydays two years ago, and have since then been trusted to help them develop their amazing experience packaging.

If you want to know more about Jollydays and our collaboration, you can read more here.


Lego goes Bio: Eco-friendly Makeover for the Toy Company

Are bioplastic toys the future? Lego toys are probably something all of us are familiar with, and they are now ready to replace its current plastic type for a more sustainable one. It sounds like a very big change, doesn’t it? The announcement is the next step in their larger strategy for reducing environmental impact. The production has already started on a range of sustainable Lego elements made from plant-based plastic sourced from sugarcane.

To learn more about the exciting future of Lego, you can find the full article here!

We hope you enjoyed our ‘Blog Post Recap’ and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback!