5 Blog Posts You Might Have Missed Last Month

As August has just started, we thought of collecting here 5 of our most liked blog posts you might have missed last month. Enjoy!

Why is FSC Paper Good for Your Brand?

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council and it was created in an attempt to protect both the world’s forests and its forest-dependent communities. There are many reasons why you should choose FSC paper for you brand, in this blog post we list the most relevant.

Swedbrand Group is proud to offer FSC paper bags with Chain of Custody certification. We are one of the first and few suppliers in China with partners with third-party certification bodies to produce sustainable packaging. Send us an email to info@swedbrand.com for further details about our products and services.

Did you know that the Future of Packaging is Over 60?

This might sound strange to some people, but the future of the packaging and design industry should focus on those over 60 years old. Tetra Pak is one of the companies that has realized this and started to shift their attention. By 2050 the people over 60 will make up over 20% of the population on earth, and in order to target this age group successfully, we must start focusing on their needs (and not their age!). Read the full article to find out more about the packaging design trends for this new age group.

15 Inspirational E-Commerce Packaging Designs

The packaging for e-commerce has become more vital then ever before. Now it’s the total experience that counts, and everything, from the tape and stickers on the box, matters. To show you what we mean and to give you some inspiration, we have gathered here 15 inspirational e-commerce packaging designs for you to enjoy!

The Most Creative Chocolate Packaging Designs

Who doesn’t love chocolate?! Chocolate makes us happy, it’s a fact. Here we collected a beautiful selection of some very nice chocolate packaging designs for your inspiration. So, for all the chocoholics out there, get your daily dose of inspiration and enjoy these amazing chocolate packaging designs!

5 Ways to Impress With Sustainable Packaging

As environmental concerns grow, people care more about the impact of producing, packaging and distributing products. Today’s consumers demand transparency, and their choices are definitely reshaping the packaging industry.

In this blog post we listed the 5 trends that brands are embracing towards a more sustainable packaging and production approach. Check them out!

We hope you enjoyed our ‘Blog Post Recap’ and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback on how we could make our blog even better! Any suggestions are more than welcome!

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