5 Blog Posts You Might Have Missed Last Month

October has just started, and we thought of collecting here 5 of our most liked blog posts you might have missed last month. Check them out!

Why Are Special Inks So Important for Packaging?

A very common question among our clients is: “Why do we have to use special inks? Why can’t we just print CMYK?” If you’re a designer or a packaging expert and you are reading this, you definitely know what we’re talking about.

In packaging, color is essential. It communicates important characteristics about what’s inside. It delivers a message about the product before the package gets open. Consumers ‘read’ color much faster than words or shapes, so very often they find or choose the product they are looking for by color or by color combination.

Have a look here at the main reasons why using special inks is so important.

100 Years of Oreo Packaging

Since 1912 Oreo has delighted us with its amazing cookies. And over the years its packaging has undergone incredible changes.

To show you what we are talking about we will show you how a well established brand like Oreo has changed its packaging for over 100 years and is still recognized all over the world. We hope you will like it!

How Often Should You Change Your Packaging Design?

When it comes to packaging, it is extremely important to stay consistent with your design so that your consumers can spot you easily and recognise your brand. However, there are times when it is a good idea to change your package design and, why not, spice it up a bit. But the question is: how do you know how often is too often? Find some good tips here!

A Chat with Lina

For this month’s Q&A we sat down with our Our Account Manager and Business Developer for the Swedish Market Lina Andersson to learn more about her and experience at Swedbrand. Read the full article here to find out more about our colleague!

15 Beautiful Moon Cake Packaging Designs

The Mid-Autumn festival, also known as Moon Festival, is celebrated to rejoice a large and bright moon on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month of the Chinese calendar. The festival is now highlighted by the performances of lion and dragon dances, lanterns and consuming the delicious traditional Moon Cakes.

Activities like the making and sharing of Moon Cakes during the festival inspire beautiful colorful packaging designs from brands and bakeries each year and this is something we’re totally here for. Here are some beautiful packaging designs that succeeded in inspiring us. We hope you enjoy them!

We hope you enjoyed our ‘Blog Post Recap’ and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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