8 Green Tips for an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

eco-friendly lifestyle

If you are tired of living a wasteful lifestyle and are resolved to live an eco-friendlier lifestyle this new year, we have the right article for you!

Starting something new can be stressful, that’s why you need to focus on smaller changes you can make easily before you tackle the more difficult steps of your eco-friendly resolution.

Here we have collected for you a list of some easy changes you can make in your everyday life to help live an eco-friendlier lifestyle:

1. Use Paper Less and Recycle More.

The world we live in today is much more reliant on computers and digital technology. It is easy to go a day without using a notebook or even a piece of paper. The less paper you use, the less paper needs to be produced and the more trees that get to fill our forests. By recycling one short ton (0.91 t) of paper you can save 17 mature trees, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). If it is essential for you to use paper at your job or at school, you can still make a difference by recycling the paper you do use. It takes less energy to create paper through recycled and used sheets than by creating ‘virgin’ paper. Recycling is easy and one of the best ways to live green.


2. Use Canvas Bags Instead of Plastic.

Most stores offer a canvas bag alternative to their wasteful plastic and paper bags. Although a canvas bag might cost a small amount to acquire, they are actually much more useful than you might think. A canvas bag is sturdier than a traditional plastic or paper bag and can hold more goods. Even if you don’t use canvas bags, reusing plastic bags is a great way to live eco-friendlier. Just use your plastic bags in small garbage cans throughout your home, or recycle your used grocery bag! Every small change can make a huge difference!


3. Start A Compost Pile or Bin.

Compost bins have become a huge trend throughout America in the last few years. Not only do compost bins reduce waste by letting you re-use things you would normally just toss out, but they also save you money and help your plants grow better in your garden! Why go out and buy expensive compost when you could be creating your own with things you are throwing out anyway?

4. Purchase the Right Light Bulb.

The next time you run out of your light bulbs replace it with an eco-friendlier brand. Replace your old bulb with a Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL). CFL bulbs can last more than five times longer and use much less electricity than regular incandescent light bulbs. Plus, they are brighter, which means you might able to get away with using less lamps in your home!


5. Choose Cloth Over Paper.

Instead of rushing to the store and purchasing a dozen rolls of paper towels when you are ready to do your spring cleaning, cut up an old t-shirt or other form of clothing and use that as a rag instead. You were going to toss it out anyway, why not save some money and the planet at the same time? Use, re-use and repeat!

6. Cut Down on Energy in Your Home.

It will lead to smaller energy bills and more money in your pocket! That is a win for you and a win for the earth. Start by lowering your thermostat in the winter, unplugging appliances when they aren’t being used, washing all possible clothes on cold, and using a drying rack or clothesline to dry your outfits when they are finished being washed. Reducing your energy around the home is literally as easy as a click of the button!

cut down on energy

7. Borrow Instead of Buying.

It is easy to waste money on things that you can easily borrow. Rent movies, borrow books from libraries and buy secondhand goods when at all possible. By purchasing and using pre-owned items, you reduce those items that need to be kept in a landfill and save yourself money. Many items that you find in a used-goods store are just as good as the original!

8. Reduce Water Waste.

You can live an eco-friendlier lifestyle by using less water and cutting back on your bottled water purchases. Take a shorter shower in the morning or install a low-flow showerhead. It will be worth it when you receive your next water bill and it is significantly lower than the last. Cutting back on bottled water purchases is easy. Even if you live in an area where your tap water isn’t the tastiest, purchasing a water filter will take some of that irony aftertaste out of your water and purify it to your bottled-water standards.


You can make a difference throughout the world when you make small eco-friendly changes in your everyday life. Living a greener lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be as easy as shutting off a light when you are no longer going to be in a room. Plus, living eco-friendly will save you money.

Get started living an eco-friendly life today!