A Chat with Alessandra

Today we sat down with our Marketing Manager Alessandra Ruggeri to learn more about her.

What do you do as a Marketing Manager? What are your main tasks?

My job includes both traditional and digital marketing. The traditional part is mainly related to the creation and distribution of marketing material (such as booklets and stationary), writing press releases and make sure they are distributed to channels, organizing Christmas campaigns and photo shoots of our products, among others.

However, most of the marketing is digital nowadays, and this is what I’m more focusing on at the moment. I take care of the website and make sure it’s constantly updated, write blog posts for our blog, prepare presentations and case studies of our products, send out newsletters to our clients. I am also in charge of all our social media channels, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, and make sure they are always updated with our latest products and innovations.

What did you do before you started at Swedbrand? Have you always aimed for marketing?

Before I started here I had a few different experiences in Europe, and here in China I was working at the British Chamber of Commerce, in the marketing field. When I was living in London I was working in the fashion industry, and in Italy I had a few different jobs. Marketing popped up along the way and in the beginning I wasn’t sure I could like it since when I was a student my dream job was to work for an International Organisation, and I was more interested in politics and international relations. So let’s say marketing was a good discovery for me!

What do you enjoy the most working at Swedbrand?

My job at Swedbrand is extremely varied and that’s what I enjoy the most about it! There’s something different to do and learn every day! Being such a fast-paced and young company, there are always new projects to work on, you never know what to expect and what’s in the pipeline. That’s what makes it exciting!

Which three adjectives describe Swedbrand the best to you?

  •  Fresh
  • International
  • Fast-paced

How long have you lived here in China? And what have you learned from living here?

I first arrived in China by chance because I was looking for internship programs abroad, and I’ve ended up staying 2 and a half years. It’s very common for people to come to China just for a limited period, but then end up staying a long time. Either you love it or hate it. And I loved it from the very beginning!

So far I’ve learned to be much more patient than I was before. I’ve learned to control myself and adapt to a different culture. It was pretty tough at first, but now I have managed to find my balance and I’m happy. Every time I come back to Shanghai from a trip I feel like I’m home!

Is there any other country that you would like to live in?

At the moment I would pick the US or Europe. I wouldn’t mind living in the US for a while, since I fell in love with New York when I first visited it five years ago. But after being so far away from home for such a long time I think I would probably move back to Europe. I’ve lived in London before and it really feels like home to me so I would love to move back one day.

Why not Italy?! Are you planning to move back one day?

Maybe one day, when it’s time to raise a family, since it’s a beautiful place to live in and the quality of life is very high. But not at the moment, there’s no future for younger generations right now. There is still hope that things might change in the future, of course, but finding a good and well paid job in Italy at the moment is tough.

And there are still too many places in the world I want to see before going back home! Once I move back I don’t think I could leave again, so until then I’m taking my time and gathering experiences.

What do you miss about Italy then? And what do you whish you could bring here?

First of all, my dog! But I don’t think my family would be very happy to hear that. (She laughs) Mostly my friends and family, even though we talk almost every day it feels like you’re losing touch when you don’t see each other that often. Except for the people, I would say I really miss the food! You can find some of our products here, but everything is so expensive and there’s not that much variety. I also miss the weather and the sea! And all the culture and history which characterise a country like Italy.

Have you travelled a lot in China?

Not as much as I would like to, China is an amazing country! Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to travel around here since it’s so big and also quite expensive.

My plan for this year is to travel more in China and Asia. In China my first destination is going to be Guilin, I’ve heard it’s amazing. In Asia definitely Japan, but for that I’m going to need a couple of more days.

What hobbies do you have? What do you do in your free time?

Here in Shanghai I started doing a morning training called ‘boot camp’, which is very fun and something I love doing. It helps me stay in shape and reduce stress. Back home I was more into Pilates and Yoga. I also love reading, watching movies, travelling and writing about my trips. I enjoy cooking as well. Actually, I’m cooking way more here in China to stay healthy. My mom would be proud of me! (She laughs)

I love learning about new cultures and new languages. That’s why I studied so many different languages growing up because I want to be able to communicate with everyone.

Do you have any hidden skills?

I can act. My origins might have something to do with that. Italians are famous for being dramatic, we have it in our DNA! (She laughs) When I was younger I used to go to an acting school and I loved it, but I was too shy to perform. I was pretty good at it, but when it was time to do it on stage in front of a lot of people I really couldn’t feel 100% myself. I also love singing, so here in China I enjoy going to KTV (Karaoke). It’s so much fun!

Written by

Madeleine Jansson

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