A Chat with Louis

A Chat with Louis

Today we sat down with our Business Development & Account Manager Louis De Mirman to find out more about him.

What do you do as a Business Development & Account Manager for the French Market? What are your main tasks?

As a Business Development and Account Manager for the French Market, my job consists of looking for new clients, maintaining relationships with the existing ones and taking care of the whole process, from the order to the final delivery. I am basically opening up the French market, which means I am creating a whole new database of potential clients.

How to generate new leads? Mainly through market and LinkedIn research, phone calls, networking, meetings and business trips. The lead becomes a prospect after a meeting, and it’s only at this stage that you can start creating a personal relationship. I firmly believe that before starting any kind of business relationship there always has to be some sort of mutual trust. This is very important, especially in the French culture.

I try to explain my potential clients how Swedbrand can be beneficial for them in the most honest and transparent way, and that this collaboration is a win-win deal. So far they seem to like my fair approach. Once the business relationship starts, I am the contact person for all my clients, handling any inquiry they might have and managing the orders.

What made you choose Swedbrand among other companies?

Isabell, our Operations Manager (read her Q&A here), was the person who had the biggest impact on my decision. She is really passionate about what she does and I have never worked with such an energetic and customer-oriented person. She explained me how the company is organized, which are its goals and the values they believe in. Swedbrand is growing so fast, and every member of this incredible team can grow within it. A month after starting working here I was already on a plane, ready to go on my first business trip. I was immediately given diverse responsibilities. Let’s say that at Swedbrand you really have the chance to be ‘your own decision maker’, building your own project from the beginning to the end. And this is what I am enjoying the most about my job.

How would you describe your experience in China so far? Use three adjectives.

I’ve recently celebrated my first anniversary in China and I have to say that so far it has been an incredible experience.

China is a country where you have the feeling that you can pursue your dreams and do what you really want, when you want. I think there is no place on earth that can offer you at the same time a high level of safety, great business opportunities, a huge expatriate community from all over the world, and a strong local culture so different from ours.

You just have to be brave enough to accept the challenge. It’s certainly not easy to live in China, but it’s unique in the world and that’s why I like it so much.

If I had to describe my experience so far I would say intense, constructive and challenging.

What do you miss most about your country? What are the most challenging aspects of living in a country like China?

I really miss affordable food, French wine and tasty fruits. The lack of fresh air may be the most negative aspect. I come from the Atlantic coast of France so for me it was quite tough at the beginning to get used to this climate.

Another thing I really miss is the cultural side of France, above all music and exhibitions.

The most challenging aspect, apart from the ones that I’ve already mentioned, is to impose yourself as a key asset for your company. You have to consider that you compete at an international level, not at a national one anymore, so it gets tougher to stand out from the crowd and succeed in your business.

What do you do in your free time? What are your main hobbies?

Actually, I have no free time at all because I’m always working (he laughs).

Joking apart, I do a lot of sport: I run, swim, play tennis. I’m training so that I’ll be able to go surfing in southeast Asia in a few months! I have even learnt to play squash. It’s a lot of fun!

Lately I’m trying to read more and more, to always get new ideas. I also enjoy cooking, it relaxes me, and meeting new real and honest people!

Which is going to be your next travel destination?

I’m planning to go to Hong Kong at the end of March for my brother’s birthday. Other than that, my next big trip is definitely going to be Bali. It has been on my bucket list for too long!

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