A Chat With Nicolas

A Chat With Nicolas

Today we sat down with our Graphic Designer Nicolas to learn more about him.

What do you do at Swedbrand? What are your main tasks?


I basically do everything at Swedbrand (smiles). I am in charge of the production and design, I would say. So it is either to create back-up templates for products or apply artwork to those template back-ups. Also, I am doing marketing material for the company, like the layout of the website, the promotional items and many other small things, like notebooks, business cards, etc. Besides this, I am also working on our new projects, Touching Light and Topflow, helping with the layout of website, boxes, booklets and stands. Moreover, if we have a design project I contribute with the creation of a new structure or a new design, depending on the deadline of course.


You started as an intern. How do you think your job has changed over the years?

I have been working for the company for almost four years. It was my first job in Shanghai. I didn’t know that much about packaging design before, it was not exactly what I studied, but I wanted to try something new. Before coming to Shanghai I was working for a small printing company in Canada. We were doing business cards, birthday cards and other similar things.

During my first six months of internship at Swedbrand I have learnt a lot. The previous senior designer was very important for me, he taught me many things. When I started I was working more in the production, later on I started with marketing materials, and now I am focusing more on the design of packaging and artworks.

What do you enjoy most about your work?


I get to learn many different things. They seem to be similar, but actually products have different structures. That is why there is a great amount of information to learn from various specific areas.


What do you like about Shanghai? What do you miss most about Canada?


I love Shanghai. What do I like most? I would say eating in restaurants. I really like Chinese food. There are so many delicious dishes that I actually can’t say which one I like the most.

I definitely miss Canada sometimes, especially its nature. I miss my family and my friends, of course, and the food, above all maple syrup (even though it is a bit cliché to say that).

You are married to a Chinese woman. How did you meet her? Did you find any difficulties at the beginning?

I first met my wife in 2010, when I came to China to visit the country and the Universal Exposition in Shanghai. During the following two years I have lived in Canada, working hard in order to save some money and be able to come back to China.

Chinese language barrier is an issue, as always, but my wife can speak English and I would say it was pretty easy for me to integrate into her family.


What do you enjoy doing in your free time?


I like watching movies and TV shows, or taking a walk around the city. I also like to visit Chinese cultural places, like Wuxi, where my wife comes from. We go there once a month. We also went to Canada together last summer, and we are going again this June. Can’t wait!

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Written by

Alessandra Ruggeri

Liudmila Pape