A Chat With Paul


Today we sat down with our Marketing & Sales Intern Paul Blick to learn more about him and his time in China.

What are your main responsibilities as a Swedbrand intern?

As for the marketing part, I help writing the blogposts for our website and find new topics. I keep our social media platforms updated, do research for different projects and basically help out with whatever comes up. Regarding the sales part, I had the opportunity to help on a new project for a fashion company. I really enjoyed it because I had the chance to really see the whole process, including dealing with client requirements and adjusting the design to get quotations for prices. I have also helped with finding new potential clients for the Account Managers. The office is very open and everyone is helping each other!

What do you like the most about our company?

Even as an intern you can make a big impact and it’s not about preparing coffee (he laughs). I was expecting to help the company, make a difference, extend my knowledge and also get experience in an international company. And I have to say that during my internship I really got it all!

Describe Swedbrand with 3 words:

  • International
  • Creative
  • Innovative

Can you give us some feedback about your time spent with us at Swedbrand?

Overall it was a very good internship for me and I loved my co-workers. It was a great opportunity to get work experience, working abroad for the first time. I really enjoyed my time here!


Would you recommend your experience?

Yes, because you will not only get working experience, but you will also develop your personality living abroad. At the beginning it can obviously be hard, but then you’ll meet great people that will help you through your journey. I would recommend coming to China for an internship if you are open minded, determined and want some challenge. It is a good opportunity, and it’s also a lot of fun!

Where are you from originally?

I am from Krefeld, a city near Cologne in Germany.

Can you tell us more about yourself?

I grew up with my two younger brothers. I like to travel, meet people, have dinner and party with my friends. I love listening to different types of music and I also like to play tennis. I have travelled around Europe a lot with my family when I was younger, Southern Europe mostly, and my favourite place is a small island in Greece called Halki. Such a quiet and peaceful place!

My biggest travel was the one I had last year in Colombia, an amazing country! The first thing I remember is the beautiful nature and landscapes. Also, the nice and generous people there were amazing. The food is also very good and not expensive for such good quality.

Have you lived abroad before?

When I was in High School in Germany I had the chance to go to Colorado, USA, for a year as an exchange student. I lived with a host family to improve my English, and I’m still in contact with them. They took me to New York City, Aspens for skiing, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Grand Canyon. I had the chance to see so many places!


What are your plans for the future?

I am going to study Business and Entrepreneurship in Amsterdam. This Bachelor’s Degree will hopefully help me build my own start-up company. I’m very excited about it!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Working on my own projects, wherever they take me. Probably outside Europe.

What do you need to prepare before coming to China for the first time?

You need to be open-minded, especially at the beginning. You need to learn some basic Chinese words, because it makes the difference. You shouldn’t take things too seriously and don’t compare everything to your home country. Of course, it is going to be very different from what you are used to!

Did this Internship in China bring you anything on a personal level?

I enjoyed living completely on my own for the first time, even if it was tough sometimes. At first, I didn’t know anyone, it was not easy. But then I found new friends who really helped me! I’ve also met so many amazing people, I saw what they do, and we shared so much about our different cultures and experiences. Now I am even more open minded to the world than I was before. You need to get out of your comfort zone to be able to grow up and discover yourself, so I’m very grateful for this experience!