A Chat With Sarah


Today we sat down with our Account Manager Sarah Bannwart to learn more about her.

What are your main responsibilities at Swedbrand?

As an Account Manager, I take care of the existing Swiss clients, but I also help with the German and Austrian clients. My responsibilities are mainly to make sure that all the projects are on track or support our clients in developing new projects.

How and why did you choose to work at Swedbrand?

I chose to work here because Swedbrand is still growing and there is a possibility to grow with the company. I already have a lot of responsibilities even though I started just a short while back, and I think there is a great future to come. What I enjoy most here is that you are able to build a project from the beginning to the end.

What did you do before you started working at Swedbrand?

Before coming to Swedbrand, I just graduated from Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China, where I did a two-year Master program in “China Studies”. A year before that, I did an internship in Shanghai for two months. And during my Bachelor degree in Switzerland, I did work for my parents’ company for some time, where I helped in accounting and administration. However, none of my experiences have been in the packaging industry, so this is a new and interesting experience, and I really love it.

What do you like the most about the company?

As I said before, you can really work on a project from the beginning to the end together with the customer. I like the responsibility that you get working on these projects and the very close relationship with your clients.

I also very much enjoy the international team I work with. My colleagues are all from different parts of the world, with different educational and personal backgrounds and I am able to learn a lot from them.


Describe Swedbrand with 3 words:

  • Creative
  • International
  • Dynamic

What was your dream job when you were younger?

I wanted to become a teacher once, but after some time teaching here in China during University I’m happy I didn’t pursue that dream any further. She laughs*

Another career that always interested me was architecture, because still today I am very interested in buildings, creations and artistic things. Before college, I almost started an apprenticeship in this field.

Where are you from originally? Tell us something about it!

I am from The Toggenburg in Switzerland, a valley in the alps. Growing up there, with a lot of snow in winter, was amazing. Switzerland is very famous for its mountains, it’s delicious chocolate and of course the watches! Personally, these are definitely nice things but what I miss the most after living in China for a while is the nature, the clean air and the tap water.


Can you give some tips to those who want to come and live here in China?

Learn Chinese! When someone comes to your country many wish that they can at least say some words – even just a few words can help you along the way. It also shows that you are interested to get to know the culture and the country.

Also, keep an open mind! Not everything in China is easy or “normal” for you. Some things we would never expect can happen here. Be open-minded and don’t always judge everything.

All in all, China is a very safe country, it gives you a lot of freedom and opportunities and it never gets boring – so enjoy your journey here!

What do you do in your free time?

I like taking photos, mostly of buildings and nature. I like to travel and see the world.

In China, my favorite place is Hangzhou, where I have spent three years. Outside of China, I cannot really say. I have travelled to many places in Asia such as the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and so on. I enjoyed all of my travels so far, however, there is definitely more to come!

When I am not travelling, or taking photos of the city, I like to spend time with my fiancé and my friends – going to the cinema, going out for dinner or just having a nice evening at home with some home-cooked food.

What are your plans for the future?

Good question. I just started my job here at Swedbrand so I hope to improve a lot and get to know everything better. I want to get more confident in the job and hopefully develop the market in Switzerland. In general, I definitely want to stay some more time in China, but afterwards I don’t really know yet. I think that nowadays everything is changing so quickly that you cannot make too many plans.