A Chat with Tom

A Chat with Tom

Today we sat down with our new sales manager Tom to get to know him a little bit better.

What do you do at Swedbrand? What are your main tasks?

Basically I will be the new sales manager, so my main tasks will be in relation to the sales of both the packaging and the innovation department. I will set up a new sales organization and define roles and targets for the whole Swedbrand group.

Since your position is going to be a new one (we’ve never had a Sales Director before at Swedbrand), in your opinion what will be the biggest challenges you might have to face?

The biggest challenge is definitely the fact that I will have to be present at different locations at more or less the same time: Shanghai, Stockholm and London. How can I be part of the daily operations everywhere? I will have to use various channels of communication, like Skype conferences, and travel a lot in order to be up to date with everything that happens at the different branches.

Compared to your previous work, what do you think will change now when working at Swedbrand (both from a professional and a personal point of view)?

At Swedbrand it is a more creative environment, highly organized, and I will have more freedom to act, which means that I will be able to make the decisions in a quicker and easier way.

Swedbrand is a relatively young company, what made you choose us, instead of any other company? And what do you enjoy most about your job?

I was inspired by Chris. I met him when I was working in Shanghai and I was impressed by the incredible results they managed to get at Swedbrand within such a short amount of time. I learnt about their client base and their business model, and the way they do business suits me very much. I can’t wait to have a positive impact on the company and be part of this big process. I would say I like the creative and innovative part of my job.

You and your family are going to move to London soon. How do you feel about it? How will your life change from your previous one in Sweden? Have you already lived abroad?

I have lived in Shanghai for 3 years. At that time I was working for a Swedish company and during the last year I had to travel a lot between China and Sweden. I will probably have to do the same now, actually. I am planning to visit China every 3 months. Even though I know that it is going to be tiring and time consuming, this role is really exciting and I am really looking forward to working at Swedbrand.

I will move to London soon in order to work from our British office. London is a city rich in culture and history compared to Shanghai. You can have everything you want as a European: exhibitions, theaters, and cultural experiences. Me and my wife are going to move to the UK while our children are going to stay in Sweden.

Even though it is still Europe, London is very different from Stockholm too. In Sweden, for instance, people keep the distance; you don’t talk to anyone on the bus or the metro. In London people are friendlier and more open-minded, so I am actually really excited about moving to this amazing city.

As you said, you have lived in Shanghai for 3 years. What do you think about this city?

I really like the simple life that you can have here as a foreigner. In Shanghai you can have a really convenient lifestyle without having to spend that much money, compared to Stockholm or to Europe in general. Here you can live in a simpler way. It is a very dynamic environment, people are very open-minded, and everyone has an interesting story to tell. And the expat community is huge, everyone lives in the same areas and everything happens in your neighborhood, while in Stockholm most of the places are really far away from each other.

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Written by

Alessandra Ruggeri

Liudmila Pape