Adobe Launches its Own Revolution: Adobe Dimension CC


Packaging keeps the world organised. Whether it’s a package for your candy or for your new perfume, the things we put things in are important. Like any good design, packaging tells a story, it’s a sensual experience, engaging customer through sight, touch and sound.

If a company or client is seeking to create a product, they will most likely need a packaging designer along the way in order to make it consumer-ready. Adobe understood that a long time ago and keeps trying to make their work easier and will add a much needed dose of realism to their designs.


The company recently announced their new product, and it is very impressive. It gives graphic designers the power and flexibility of 3D with the ease and simplicity of 2D. It enables graphic designers to quickly create and recreate photorealistic 3D images. With this tool, there is no need of printing out logos and patterns to see how they will look on a real-life product.

Connected with Creative Cloud, designers can work faster, smarter and merging their assets to build product shots, scene visualizations and abstract art. They are able to pull in samples from Adobe Stock, like bottles, bags and boxes or they can import their own creations and files. They can then view 2D designs and see how they will look on these products. With camera tools to move around the object, it is very easy to see how the graphics appear from every perspective.


But one of the best parts is its aspect of realism. Designers can select the material and texture, different lighting types as well as dictate where the light shines from onto the products. It also allows clients to have a background to see what their product would look like.

Dimension automatically matches the lighting, perspective, shadows and more for a picture-perfect shot.


From now on, designers will have the power to play with their work in a much better creative atmosphere thanks to Adobe!