Amerplast and Ekokem Develop ESSI, the New Circular Bag for the Finnish Market

Amerplast and Ekokem Develop ESSI, the New Circular Bag for the Finnish Market

Finland-based flexible packaging provider Amerplast, in collaboration with Ekokem, has developed ESSI, a new circular economy-based carrier bag.

The newly developed bags are made from post-consumer materials and feature more than 90% recycled materials. They also offer a lower carbon footprint than traditional carrier bags, including plastic, paper, cotton, biodegradable plastic bags or recycled plastic bags. The carrier bag can be manufactured with fewer raw materials and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Amerplast CEO Børge Kvamme said: “From the material processed by Ekokem we have developed the circular bag ESSI. It is the most environmentally friendly carrier bag alternative for carrying groceries from store to home. Today we have in place the necessary infrastructure for recycling, reuse and manufacture of circular bags. Finnish people can already leave the conventional plastic carrier bags behind them.”

Since last year, the company started collecting consumer packaging waste from Finland’s Rinki eco take-back points to develop ESSI. Separately collected and valuable plastics were then recycled back to the plastic industry as a raw material via Ekokem’s plastic refinery in Riihimäki, Finland.

The new Pirkka ESSI circular bags will be in the product selections of nearly all K-food stores in Finland. K-Group wants to contribute to promoting the transition to a circular economy model. No waste is produced in a circular economy. Instead, materials are utilised as efficiently as possible as the raw materials of new products.

The bag is available in both white and grey. The price of the circular bag is the same as a regular plastic bag and it does not differ visually from it.


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