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How Important Packaging is in Marketing

Like the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. First impressions matter and long before your consumers ever lay eyes on your product, they will first see your packaging. You wouldn’t go on a first date or a job interview without paying excruciating attention to how you dress. […]

Clip-Carton To Keep Your Cereal Fresh

Have you ever had a similar problem: you want to have breakfast and grab your favourite cereal, but someone has not properly closed the plastic bag inside the carton. The result, the cereal is now stale and not nearly as crunchy as desired. The problem could be solved by a plastic or metal food-clip that […]

This 12-Year-Old Boy Is On a Mission To Save The World

The twelve-year-old boy named Arlian Ecker is on a self-identified mission to save the world, at least one school at the time. He is also known under his “superhero identity”, in which he refers to himself as “Plastic-Free Boy”, with the purpose of making recycling cool. His goal is for his persona to be on […]

Norway – The World’s Eco Example

As we speak a lot about environment in our blogposts, we want to showcase our readers a great example, of how a country should shape their future. Norway is not holding back in any way when it comes to this topic. Every aspect of life is shaped to be more sustainable and eco-friendly. Here are […]

Are We Ready For Innovative Packaging From Sweden?

Petra Einarsson, the CEO and President at the Swedish company BillerudKorsnäs, may have developed a measure to end single-use plastics. This is a desperately needed step into the right direction, and might seem simpler than anticipated. The proposed material to end single-use plastic is paper. Admittedly, the use of this basic material, invented in Ancient […]

EU To Ban Single-Use Plastics By 2021

The European Parliament voted to enact one of the most revolutionary efforts against one of the largest sources of pollution in our modern era. They Parliament voted with an overwhelming majority to put a ban on many of the single-use plastics by 2021. The banned items include drinking straws, disposable plates and disposable cutlery. The main purpose […]

10 Worst Packaging Fails

We have all seen packaging where the colours don’t quite match or the chosen artwork is not of the best resolution. Thankfully, not many of us had to experience horrendous packaging fails like the ones we are about to present. From labelling to designing the packages, these companies just took a hilariously wrong turn. From […]

The Eat Less Plastic Movement

From small children to governments joining in for the fight against plastic pollution, all thanks to a sailboat traveling across the pacific, inspiring change. There is a downside to statistics, as they grow larger they become increasingly abstract. Joseph Stalin even once said that one death is a tragedy and a million deaths are a […]

10 Breath-Taking Places Threatened by Climate Change

In a world scattered with alternative facts and fake news, it can sometimes be difficult to keep an overview of what is the truth and what is make-believe. One truth is unfortunately undeniable though; climate change. As the last few years have been the hottest global years on record and natural disasters such as hurricanes […]

Is Augmented Reality Packaging The Future?

Technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have already caught up with us in many aspects of our daily lives. The way we shop, communicate and enjoy entertainment have greatly evolved over the past decade. Nevertheless, the way we experience packaging has not changed that much. There are increasingly colourful and eye-catching designs, but […]