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A Chat with Sina

Today we sat down with our Account Manager Sina to learn more about her. What do you do as an Account Manager? Which are your main responsibilities? I am working for the German market but I also support my colleague with the Austrian market. I coordinate projects, communicate with clients and make sure that they […]

5 Blog Posts You Might Have Missed Last Month

The cold winter is slowly coming to an end and the sun and warm weather are making more visits. Also, the shortest month of the year know as February has already passed and we have during these first 2 months shared some interesting topics on our blog. Articles about the EU plastic ban, a new […]

Eliminating Shampoo Bottles with NOHBO

We all know that plastic is inevitably damaging our environment, therefore no need to further elaborate on this unforgiving fact. Unfortunately, it doesn’t even matter if consumers want to make a positive impact by for example rinsing-out their shampoo or lotion bottles after use, to properly recycle them. National Geographic, among many other sources and […]

Ben & Jerry’s Pecan Resist against Trump’s Agenda

It is one thing as a politician, to face a certain amount of resistance. However, when ice-cream companies start to build campaigns against you, you might want to change something in your agenda. Ben & Jerry’s, renown manufacturers of ice-cream, is launching a new flavour called “Pecan Resist”, and it’s a limited version only. “Pecan […]

Lobster Plastic – The New Material in The Medical Industry

This sounds like something straight from a science-fiction movie. A process in which lobster shells and other types of shellfish can be used to produce plastic. Would this even work? And wouldn’t the plastic smell very fishy? It turns out that a layman can’t even tell the difference between this “lobster plastic” and regular petroleum-based […]

Popeye’s Emotional Support Chicken

Popeye’s the famous fast food restaurant chain, focused on fried chicken, has just released a limited series packaging that made a few headlines. The packaging features a chicken but not in the way you might think. Popeye’s has relied on humour to criticise a social phenomenon we see more and more, but therefor they have […]

Pantone Colour of The Year 2019 – Living Coral

2019 is the 20thtime that Pantone has unveiled their selection for Colour of the year. The 20thanniversary is crowned with an in our opinion extremely vivid, lively and revitalising colour: PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral. Living Coral is somewhat hard to define, as it ranges somewhere between a bright pastel orange to a soft pink. In […]

A Chat With Camila

Today we sat down with our Business Developer for Latin America, Camila Castro, to learn more about her. What do you do as a Business Developer? Which are your main responsibilities? What I do is, I look for potential customers that could be interested in our products. I start by contacting them for the very […]