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Innovative pizza boxes

“Let’s order pizza!”: who hasn’t heard that one before ? But behold, a new generation of pizza boxes might see the day. Those innovative boxes can have different advantages – some are more convenient, others are better recyclable, or some might even feature a second purpose.   1st innovation: Pizza Hut’s Triple Treat Box This […]

Fika time

As a Swedish company, we attach importance to the great Swedish tradition of Fika. Indeed, we enjoy endugling ourselves from time to time to a break in the afternoon for a well deserved Fika, which starts by someome happily gathering others around the delicatesse by informing everyone that “It’s Fika time !”. You might wonder what Fika is. Watch this […]

Behind the Scenes of our Christmas greetings

Swedbrand hopes you and your dear ones had a great Christmas last week. Our team in Shanghai had such a great time shooting those goofy Christmas pictures that we want to continue these festivity period by sharing the behind the scenes of our Christmas greeting video.  

A visit to a factory for Quality Control

A month ago, I went with our Quality Control Coordinator Enhao on one of his factory visits to check on the production of two Swedbrand projects. Our account administrator Madeleine joined as well since some of the productions involved her clients.   During this visit I was able to see how our Sourcing team proceeds […]

Transportation marketing

Couldn’t transportation be considered as a tertiary packaging?   Handling sometimes the transportation’s logistics of the packaging projects we work on, we recognize the hidden opportunity of giving transportation an additional packaging power, on top of the primary or secondary packaging it is already meant to transport.   Check out those examples of companies that […]

The story of neon lights

Once daylight disappears, some cities get a second life through hundreds of neon signs lighting up. In Shanghai, there is a street known for light show display, which is the busy pedestrian street of East Nanjing Road.     How are these thin colored lights made? Once the craftsmen get the sketch, they imagine how the […]

7 out of the top 100 brands collaborated with Swedbrand

Interbrand recently released the ranking of the top 100 best global brands 2015 based on their brand value.     Swedbrand is happy to see that 7 companies we worked with made it into this ranking. Our sincere congratulations to our partners and a big thank you for choosing Swedbrand to collaborate with on your […]

Packaging: the after-math

We promote packaging to be beautiful, attractive and representative of the company that sells the product it contains. But what about the afterwards? What happens once the packaging has fulfilled its purpose, has attracted the customer and is not needed anymore?   The photographer Gregg Segal did a series of portraits of people with the […]

Hydrographic printing

Hydrographics, also known as immersion printing or water transfer printing, is a method of applying printed designs to 3D surfaces. The surfaces can be made of a wide range of materials: metal, plastic, glass, hard woods, and much more. If the item can be dipped into water and if it can be painted using traditional […]