Entries by Vanessa Mueller

Smart Mirrors for Flawless In-Store Experience

Oak Labs, a New York-based start-up, has found a solution that can drive sales by integrating technology into physical stores. The aim of this invention is simple: a better experience for the customer and more in-store data for the merchant that will result in more sales ultimately.

Food Logos Redesigned To Show Calorie Count

Through their Instagram account, Calorie Brands brings these high numbers to light by reimagining food labels. The adjusted labels then prominently display the honest total count. “This is [what] brands should look like,” they write, “to help you achieve your summer body goals.”

​Packaging Redesign: Substantial Need or Failure?

One of the biggest challenges for established brands is to keep the balance between coherence and focus as a brand and new opportunities for change, growth and improvement. Packaging redesign can be a risky step. If you do it well, your brand will seem rejuvenated and will have new energy and emphasis, but if you get it wrong, the consequences can be extreme.

Apple’s new campaign: where creativity meets reality

After the success of last year’s Shot on iPhone 6 ad campaign, taking one of the top prizes at the Cannes Grand Prix Festival, Apple has just re-launched the campaign to highlight photos taken with iPhone 6s and 6S Plus. It is a creative outdoor campaign that deserves honours. However, calling it a ‘creative campaign’ could be misleading since it is not about Apple’s but our creativity.

Renewable lifestyle brings happiness

A recent social experiment conducted by the food packaging company Tetra Pak found that adopting simple, renewable habits to protect the earth’s natural resources leads to the improvement of the level of happiness among consumers. Not only the participants who embraced renewable lifestyle choices (70%) resulted to be significantly happier but also the world around them was benefiting from it.

PillPack: the Pharmacy of the Future

Take all of the pills in your medicine cabinet and imagine that instead of them all coming in separate bottles, they were packaged together in a pre-assorted, chronological scrolling tape of medicine. You wouldn’t have to keep track of the medicines you need to take nor the respective time anymore but you could simply tear off a square packet from the roll and swallow all the pills inside.

Euro 2016: not only football!

The big day had finally arrived when Euro 2016 kicked off at the Stade de Paris, France, on Friday, 10 June. For the first time, this 2016 championship includes 24 teams compared to the usual 16, meaning more visitors and bigger audiences.
More than one billion fans tuned in to watch the final of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and the European Championship isn’t far behind.