Ben & Jerry’s Pecan Resist against Trump’s Agenda

It is one thing as a politician, to face a certain amount of resistance. However, when ice-cream companies start to build campaigns against you, you might want to change something in your agenda. Ben & Jerry’s, renown manufacturers of ice-cream, is launching a new flavour called “Pecan Resist”, and it’s a limited version only. “Pecan Resist” aims to make efforts for “a more just and equitable nation, fighting the President’s regressive agenda.”

The flavour will be made up of chocolate ice-cream with white & darker fudge chunks, pecans, walnuts and almonds. If only every resistance fight would sound this tasty. The artwork on the colourful cups is designed by Bay-Area artist and activist Favianna Rodriquez, who is known to be an advocate on topics including immigration and women’s rights in.

This is not the first time that Ben & Jerry’s has teamed-up with a progressive organisation. Their latest flavours include Colour of Change, a group who design campaigns powerful enough to “end practices that unfairly hold Black people back, and champion solutions that move us all forward.” In addition, Ben & Jerry’s also support other organisations such as Honour the Earth, Neta and the Women’s march. As a part of their efforts, they are donating 25 thousand US dollars to each of the organisations.

Releasing the “Pecan Resist” flavour one week before the US midterm elections makes it seem like a rather deliberate and politically motivated act on behalf of Ben & Jerry’s. Yet, it is pretty questionable how much of a quantifiable impact this move will have on both, President Trump’s elections and political agenda.

In conclusion, political disagreements are inevitable but companies that previously had no clear political agenda (and don’t sell a product that distinctly relates to partisan issues) now starts to take a stand and boldly show their support. Unfortunately, Trump will most likely not take note of this particular movement, but we certainly are happy to at least taste this new flavour.