Swedish company Ecoxpac is currently trying to develop ecologic bottles, cap included. They would be 100% plastic-free and compostable. They may be on the market in a few years.


Inspired by their “Green Fiber Bottle” Project, these compostable bottles are still under development but some prototypes have been produced. One of the challenges encountered concerns the caps. Sixty different cap solutions are still currently being considered in order to find the most sustainable method. The main goal is to make a 100% ecologic bottle while maintaining the beverage’s taste and content carbonated.


Check out this video if you want to learn more about the “Green Fiber Bottle” project. These bottles can be recycled like cardboard or newspapers and will decompose naturally.


Carlsberg’s is one of the first beverage producers in line to use those sustainable bottles for their beer.




Furthermore, Ecoxpac is currently collaborating with Södra, a Swedish forestry cooperative, to come up with bottles made of fibers from wood.


Ecoxpac’s innovations could bring a new push to sustainability. Bottles made out of glass and PET would be recycled, while biodegradable bottles could be composted in your own backyard’s compost bin.


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