Brandless™: Better stuff, fewer dollars.

Based in San Francisco and Minneapolis, Brandless was brought to life in July 2017, when a group of thinkers, eaters, doers, and lovers of life with big dreams about changing the world decided to create ‘stuff’ that is good for all and available to everyone.

Their mission is deeply rooted in quality, transparency, and community-driven values.

Their motto is Everyone deserves better”. And they have created a thoughtful, irresistible selection of the food and household products you reach for every day. Searching far and wide for high-quality materials and healthy ingredients, everything that’s Brandless is also ‘bad-stuff-less’ and ‘goodness‑ful’.

The core mission of Brandless is to offer unrivaled quality products without the hidden costs that come with buying a national brand. Brandless is reframing the outdated Consumer Packaged Goods Market and starting a movement that ushers in a new wave of consumer-activist culture and transparency.

Filling households with the products we use the most in our day-to-day life, Brandless™ offers a curated assortment of essentials at the highest quality and fairest price. The selection consists of over 200 products including food, beauty, personal care and housewares. Brandless knows that values are important and that people look for the best products in every aspect of their lives. So the company focuses on “just what matters.” That begins with offering products that match people’s values, preferences, and at times requirements. From non-GMO, organic, fair trade, and kosher, to gluten free, no added sugar, and more.

To determine which products make it into the assortment, Brandless rigorously controls, tastes, and samples hundreds of formulations for deliciousness, safety, quality, and pure goodness. Brandless aims to keep it simple, so hopefully everyone can easily find Just What Matters™ to them. In order to achieve this, they partner with their suppliers to create packaging that makes sense and limits waste.

Beyond the assortment of everyday essentials, Brandless™ offers much more by giving everyone access to better for less. Brandless believes doing is what matters and is committed to giving back. Partnering with Feeding America, the nation’s leading domestic hunger relief organization, a meal is donated every time someone places an order on

“With Brandless, we wanted to invent something completely fresh and new. Something that puts purpose into every product and message shared, and models a new kind of relationship between people and the companies built to serve them–directly, with integrity, transparency, authenticity, and democratized access.” – Tina Sharkey and Ido Leffler, founders of Brandless.

As the company grows, it will continue to explore all the possible ways to leave a positive impact on the neighbourhood, country and planet through tangible acts of kindness. Because to them, that’s priceless.


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