Carlsberg Replaces Plastic Ring Can Holders With “Snap Packs”

Carlsberg, the Danish global brewer, just announced their plan to stop using plastic can holders for their multi-pack lager. Therefore, instead the new so-called “Snap Packs” will hold the popular green cans together. There will be recyclable glue dots in between the cans.

The company says the dots of glue bonding its new “Snap Packs” are strong enough to withstand the journey from the shelf to the living room. They are hard but liable to break easily enough when twisted.

The British market was chosen to be the first market where the eco-friendly packaging will be applied to the cans. The UK market consumes 30% of Carlsberg’s beer every year. Denmark and Norway are following soon, other countries in the future as well.

“One of our company goals is to strive for improvements, and with the launch we clearly show that we continue to live according to our founders’ mentality. Carlsberg’s Snap Pack will significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste and we look forward to offering consumers a better beer experience with less environmental impact,” states Cees ‘t Hart, CEO of the Carlsberg Group.

The percentage of used plastic for the product will be cut down by more than 75%. Once the Snap Packs are rolled out globally, the plastic use of the company will be reduced by 1,200 tonnes a year, which is the same as 60 million plastic bags. That sounds more than nice in our opinion!

Cees ’t Hart said: “Our wildlife is drowning in plastic – and the problem is unfortunately growing considerably. We therefore need to act now. We need less plastic to end up in nature. That is why we consider it huge progress that Carlsberg is now launching solutions that significantly reduce the amount of plastic in its packaging.”

We hope that all other beer companies will follow the great move of Carlsberg. It’s about taking action and start doing something instead of just sitting and waiting. We welcome Carlsberg on the boat – and hope we at Swedbrand can also come up with more and more ideas to act as an eco-friendly packaging company.